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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

I want Wednesday.

The above ad is from a very awesome blog called A Beautiful Mess. Elsie (the one holding the camera) has a lot of flair. She does all sorts of DIYs and has a seriously integrated blog from all angles plus a physical store front. What a smart gal! She's obviously doing pretty well and since I am a new blogger, I want to take her e-course for bloggers called "Blog Love" as I think I could learn from her. Obviously I need it, this place is a dump. She has several other courses, too, and they are very reasonable. Kirsty Lu says it'd be muy helpful.

Next, I want this gold metallic pouf by Nate Berkus. Yes, a pouf. No, not the magazine. It is perfect for my walk-in closet when I'm deliberating what to wear. I need somewhere to sit in that place! So naturally a gold pouf is the answer. Perfect.


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