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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

I want Wednesday.

Dammit. I found some good stuff. I seriously am quite excited about the following two artists I found on Etsy! Etsy will be the death of me, I swear. Days at a time are lost on that website. It's a very excellent place to spend hours.. I wouldn't really consider them lost :)

Ok so whoa. Numero Uno is Concrete Polish by Angela Monaco out of Philly. THIS woman knows what she's doin. Girlfriend knows her way around a ring! Dig. Here are a few items I want (need) real bad.

Segundo es Coco de Paris by E vdArend. It's all original watercolor on French 1920s vintage magazine print. The imagery is bizarre with an element of whimsy, or maybe vice versa. Either way it's a winning combo.
I'm from Horse Country and only recently have I begun to appreciate these humongous-but-not-as-scary-as-previously-thought animals.

Music is color. Color is light. Music is light?

Deer are so pretty. I also enjoy guns.

If I were to smoke, I'd definitely use a holder and wear a long strand of pearls at all times. Maybe in my old age. Fuck it. You're already old. You and I both know there'll be no tobacco.

If you ever see a zebra close up their pattern has surprising contrast. It's just black to white. No noise. I also like Fruit Stripe Gum. Where'd that go? 

I don't mind telling you that I have a birthday coming up,

Monday, September 19, 2011

Movie: The Lion King.

Let's all give a 'what up!' to Disney's The Lion King. Lemme give you a little history here: The Lion King was originally released in 1994 when I was nine. Saturday night as part of my dear friend Kirstie Lu's 26th birthday celebration (Happy Birthday!) we saw this wonderful film in the theater again, 17 years later, but this time we did it big in 3D! Now I've given you the components of the equation so you figure that shit out. Let's just say it was a while back and it was a trip down memory lane, to say the least. Unlike everyone else in the audience, Kirstie Lu and I held back quoting the entire movie and singing along to the songs that we could easily sing on queue, a cappella, at any moment of any day. Either way, we had fun, what with all the wildebeests and lionesses flying at our face in the third dimension! We didn't have that business the first time around when I was a shy young girl of nine.

Now that I'm a shy young girl of ALMOST 26, I want to make a declarative statement here and if you're not comfortable with it you can throw it right back (I'll then likely return it until you accept it as fact): The Lion King is the most powerful Disney film of all time. I'm not saying it's my favorite, let's not get crazy, but it's the most powerful by far. It's about duty, honor, love, mortality (or whatever the animal version of that is), family and how all of those things overlap. It's about leadership. Damn. Aristocats doesn't have that shit. Deep stuff as illustrated by warthogs, lions, meerkats, hyenas and the rest of our friends from the Pride Land.

The real point of this post is to encourage you to go see The Lion King 3D in its limited two-week run in theaters. It's awesome. It's nostalgic. It's Disney. Do it.


Thursday, September 15, 2011

I want Wednesday (Friday edition).

Gosh. I really just love all the new Kors by Michael Kors shoes. To be honest, I interned at MK so I already saw them last year but now I'm being reminded of how many pairs I want! Oh, no. With retro subtleties (from different eras) a la Veronica Lake peep-toes in suedes and a pair of Mary Janes.. Not to mention, they did a new spin on my favorite (and most comfortable) pair of flats of all time, the Olympia. They worked them in a nude snake skin! Heyooo! Not only have I found the pair of nude flats I've been searching for, but in such an excellent style and snake skin to boot? How lucky can one gal be? Dig. So anyway, here are my top 3 faves. Check it.

Kors by Michael Kors Vivian

Kors by Michael Kors Iona
Kors by Michael Kors Olympia


Monday, September 12, 2011

Movie: Breakfast at Tiffany's.

Obviously I've seen Breakfast at Tiffany's before, but never have I appreciated it appropriately. Now the time has come for me in my life to go through some big changes. I'm starting a new job, I became a mother of a beautiful baby boy kitty and I'm seeing the subtle nuances and comedic value in Breakfast at Tiffany's for the very first time. I feel like a school girl again! I don't know that I think Audrey was the greatest actress ever  but she does bring something to the table in the shade of quirkiness. Now I like quirky, who doesn't? So this, for me, is enough to keep me engrossed in a film. To be honest, I've watched it about 90 times in a row. I am still digging it.


Sunday, September 11, 2011

I remember.

The above photo was taken in Chelsea on the north side of the street on 22nd between 7th & 8th Avenues. 

When I first heard of the 9/11 attacks I was sitting in my 10th grade Algebra class at Belleview High School seated by friends. I was 15. My teacher received a phone call from a family member and immediately turned on the television to witness the horror of the attacks. We didn't understand the gravity of the situation at all. I didn't. We were just glad to stop learning math and get a chance to socialize. The school didn't allow our parents to pick us up early for fear of an enormous panic, I suppose. Living in Florida, following that day life went on as relatively normal but we learned more and more of the significance of the attacks and the devastating aftermath. The most poignant visual for me was watching footage of people jumping to their deaths out of impressively high windows to avoid burning alive or being crushed by the waning metal structure.

Since then, I lived, worked, and went to school in New York City from 2008 to 2010. I had always dreamed of living in The City but never thought I'd be so fortunate to see it happen. I'm proud of my time there. New York City grew me in those two years and lent me so many of its wonderful features. I am not the same person now, I am better. I went there to blossom and I did. I met some lifelong friends in The City and felt it's warmth. There's nowhere like New York City. You can be who you are there. There's always someone weirder or more eccentric than you so no need to worry. I learned to express myself again there. I recovered from heartbreak there. I learned how much my family meant to me. I evolved. I lived my dreams. It will effect my whole life.

I'm not a New Yorker by any means but I do love and miss NYC. Not a day went by in my two years there that I didn't see reverence and remembrance for the tragedy of 9/11. Today and everyday I am so proud of my country, proud to be a citizen of The United States of America and enormously grateful for the brave people who have kept and continue to keep us safe and defend us on our land and abroad.

In all seriousness, God Bless America. Be proud and thankful.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Ah, motherhood.

Yes, this is probably going to turn into a kitty blog so get out while you can.
Milo in his spot.

My Milo Sun is just a little angel. Save for the scratching, waking me up at 5am and infatuation with my hair, we're having the greatest time together. He likes to sleep on me and give me love. He's so affectionate and gentle. Just the kind of cat I needed :) Instant happiness. Things are looking up.

I've also been making dreamcatchers, for whatever reason. On a couple things lately I was inspired by Kirsty Lu (dreamcatchers, wreaths, galleries). She is so artistic and proactive with her creativity that it motivates/inspires me to do the same. That's a good kind of person to hang around.

I helped her do an epic gallery wall above her bed and decided I need to do it, too. I've never been quite happy with my bedroom and I think this really made it a lot better.  It just makes the bedroom look grand and puts the focus on the main ingredient in the room: the bed. It also ties the varying components together.

I've also been painting more and more which I love. Currently, I've got a million ideas in my head for paintings and I can't paint them fast enough. Over the weekend I purchased a hell of a lot of canvas so I'll be busy for a while.

have a great week!,

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Milo Sun!

 Meet Milo Sun. He is my new sun. (Milo from Milo and Otis and he is my son, my sunshine) Two days ago this little parcel of buff and cream geometrics came into my life like a ray of sunshine. My new kitty is just a little baby sweetie angel. It's been a whirlwind of emotions, I'll tell ya. I have waited and waited oh-so-patiently and I just knew. I knew it was my time. My time, dammit! My time to take on a project that I can't afford and don't understand! I am a grown lady and now I'm ready to become a grown cat lady. Jumping right in the deep end on this one.

 Mother-sun portrait, I.
 My brown eyes met their golden complement in his sweet face.. Truly, I held another kitty while my true kitty counterpart slept, simply careless and ignoring me. I love a man who pays me no attention. Home he came and I've been happy ever since. Just delightful little surprises here and there but for the most part he is snuggly and lovey and spookative and energetic and sleepy and still very much a kitten. I'll be honest, the litter thing is not ideal. However, after weighing the options for seven (yes, seven) years since I left home, I feel the pros outweigh the cons at this point. 

Now I just concentrate on whether he'll be a victim of infant death syndrome if I rollover on him in my sleep or if the slight whistle in his nose is pneumonia just waiting to pop up and screw up my life and bank account. I'm really worried about that nose whistle. What if he's not okay?! My mom said the rolling over on him death scenario is impossible but I'm not so sure, Mom. You underestimate the depth of his languor. 

Good news is this extemporaneous change in lifestyle will probably lead to me being content enough with Milo to not try for anything else. So I guess we're at a plateau here. This is it. Milo Sun is enough. Could be a relief. Seriously though, I love him. LOVE HIM. I. CAN'T. STOP.
The whole world shifts when you have something/someone to give your love to.