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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

I want Wednesday.

Dammit. I found some good stuff. I seriously am quite excited about the following two artists I found on Etsy! Etsy will be the death of me, I swear. Days at a time are lost on that website. It's a very excellent place to spend hours.. I wouldn't really consider them lost :)

Ok so whoa. Numero Uno is Concrete Polish by Angela Monaco out of Philly. THIS woman knows what she's doin. Girlfriend knows her way around a ring! Dig. Here are a few items I want (need) real bad.

Segundo es Coco de Paris by E vdArend. It's all original watercolor on French 1920s vintage magazine print. The imagery is bizarre with an element of whimsy, or maybe vice versa. Either way it's a winning combo.
I'm from Horse Country and only recently have I begun to appreciate these humongous-but-not-as-scary-as-previously-thought animals.

Music is color. Color is light. Music is light?

Deer are so pretty. I also enjoy guns.

If I were to smoke, I'd definitely use a holder and wear a long strand of pearls at all times. Maybe in my old age. Fuck it. You're already old. You and I both know there'll be no tobacco.

If you ever see a zebra close up their pattern has surprising contrast. It's just black to white. No noise. I also like Fruit Stripe Gum. Where'd that go? 

I don't mind telling you that I have a birthday coming up,

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