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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

An exposé on cuteness.

I love the effect cuteness has on me. Only recently did I pinpoint it. Cuteness and love combined are like, a super winning combination. I'm not one to be particularly susceptible to cuteness but when I am it is BIG. Lately, for me, the object of cuteness is my new kitty, Milo. He's the sweetest. He's cuddly and lovey and I feel so lucky when he sleeps all snugged up on me. This has gotten me thinking about cuteness as a subject matter. What is it? Why is it? How does it occur? When? Where?!
teeny baby teefers!

The answers to these questions vary but when cuteness surfaces, more often than not it's indisputable and unanimous. An audible, "awww" is heard. Frequently it's an object that is exaggerated or ridiculous in some way. Very small, very furry, very shy, very flat face. The object is wearing something silly or off kilter. Something surprising. Example: Milo hugs. When he stretches, he hugs. Maybe you didn't hear me: HE HUGS. Oh. My. God. It's a-d-o-r-a-b-l-e (see above).

Cute Overload is a website dedicated solely to cuteness and it is well.. cute (wow I really reached my limit for the month on this word). Usually it features animals, that's easy. Do you have a cold heart?! Of course that is cute. Kids are cute (sometimes.. ok, rarely). Hey, I guess it's living things more often than not.

I'm bored with this article. I'm gonna level with you: not sure where I was going this. You're welcome for pictures of my Milo Sun.


Tuesday, October 18, 2011

That pod thingy.

Remember that pod thingy I wrote about?

Well, I figured out what it is! It is a seed pod from a Magnolia Tree! I found a tree in my neighborhood. Actually there are like a million. They become larger and look kinda like brains, and then they morph into lovely, fragrant flowers! Science is fun. (lie) I took these photos months ago but forgot about them, oops. 

What the hell is this alien thing? Kinda grotesque to be the beginning stages of such a beautiful and perfumed flower.


Monday, October 17, 2011

Movie: Sex and the Single Girl.

This is a pretty sweet movie. Prett-y scandalous in its day. The title alone was said to fill the seats in the theater when it came out. Starring Natalie Wood, Tony Curtis, Lauren Bacall and Henry Fonda (amazing cast), Sex and the Single Girl (1964) is the story of a tabloid-writing dude who finds himself involved with a psychologist that has been smeared in his magazine in the for her work in sexology and relationships. First of all, this movie deals with being comfortable as a single woman and feminism in its infant stages.

I have to admit, I expected to dislike this film but it grew on me. The last third of the movie really brought it home. I feel like I'm always seeing pictures of Tony Curtis late in life with white hair and big lips. Turns out he always looked like that. Natalie Wood is perfectly cute in the film and Lauren Bacall, always sarcastic, was perfectly humorous as a jealous wife in a struggling marriage. Check it out if not only for the bold subject matter that it was back in the day.


Sunday, October 16, 2011

So excited about this book!

Have you heard of White Girl Problems (I mean, besides the ones I tell you about here)? It's this chick who has a Twitter (@whitegrlproblem) and tweets about hilarious superfluous situations that only the most decadent woman would find herself in. She's totally superficial, bitchy, and selfish. In a good way. Beginning only in 2010, she's skyrocketed to almost half a million followers. Turns out she's releasing her first book in January (girlfriend moves fast)! White Girl Problems: A Novel by Babe Walker. Should be very amusing and you know how much I like to be amused. Last week she tweeted the following:

You can read the d-bag's article here. It's funny. She also has a blog where presently you can read a chapter of her book! Love it.


Saturday, October 15, 2011

Halloween fun.

My birthday is around Halloween so growing up I really like that holiday the most. Birthday parties were more often than not Halloween-themed. It was (IS) awesome. Still into it. That's RIGHT! Would I turn my nose up at purple swirled Publix cupcakes with black cats on them circa '93 (standing in my driveway before school for a photo sesh wearing my new birthday coolots and sporting bangs that started halfway back my head)? NO.

Never fear, this tradition will continue into year 26. Oh my god, I am getting old. Now I'm going to have to drown my sorrows in sweet tea and candy corn. This year I'm going to have some girlfriends over for some light costumes, fare, and cocktails (mostly cocktails). Do I intend to include witch's brew? Why, yes, I do. Always have. Will I dress up as probably a cat or witch? Yes, but I haven't decided which (witch! ha). Will I play Hocus Pocus and Romeo & Juliet with Leo and Claire in the background all night? Yes. Hell yes I will.

As the adult woman that I am, I've made a project of finding some cute ways to participate in a costume party without getting carried away (and having an anxiety attack from all of the people staring at me while I'm at it).

This fantastical hand painted leather mask..
..paired with these fingerless paw gloves would make a sweet fox costume. 

This scraggly witch hat..
..and these striped tights would make a nice witch. I don't know why I always think witches must wear striped hosiery. I might use a vaccuum as my transportation à la Mary Sanderson.
That's all for now!


Missing out.

Top 5 things I miss now that I have a normal schedule.
  1. Milo. duh.
  2. blog reading.
  3. something I can't say online.
  4. being generally lazy.
  5. going to bed whenever I want (I hate going to bed early almost as much as I HATE getting up early).

I mostly feel bad for little Milo Sun. Since our love affair began, he's had all of my time. He's only five months old and we've been roommates for one, all of which we spent together. There was music. There was laughter. There were kisses. Oh, the kisses! So So many. Meow! I love him and he misses me when I leave him for 10 hours a day. Who can blame him for trying to scratch every square inch of my body?! He's just being a kitten, after all. And that whole 'waking me up at 5am EVERYday including the weekend' thing is totally endearing..

I'm still trying to get into a routine as far as blogging and self-care goes. I seriously need to get with it. Meal-planning would be an excellent idea, if I could only get motivated.

I miss my blog. I miss my free time. I miss my Milo Sun. So are the travesties of a 9-5 (830-530, who are these lucky 9-5 people?). Adjusting to a new routine after having a largely unstructured schedule for a while, can be grueling (can be, always is). Personally, I'm not into giving up my whole life to make ends meet (barely barely). It seems that the only enjoyable way of sacrificing all of your time is to be working toward a goal that is your own, but I guess I've always known that. "How do you plan to do that?" you are probably asking me in your mind. I'd answer that I don't quite know yet and I wish the frickin' idea would just come to me already, cuz I'm getting impatient over here. 

buenas noches,

Monday, October 10, 2011


Fringe Necklace by Angie Johnson of norwegianwood
Fab, this color combo especially.

yours (not really),

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Birthday Wishlist.

Yes, I'm doing this. With the big 2-6 rapidly approaching (wah), I find myself wanting to go to one of two extremes: childhood or a more sophisticated version of the big girl I am. This sucks so I'm just gonna start talking about things the birthday girl wants.*

I want some pricey dishware. It's by no means within my means. If you know me (you don't) you know I like color. I'm the kind of person who doesn't really worry about coordinating her possessions in any way but more trusts that it will "work" together. Everything is colorful. EVERYthing has a pattern. EveryTHING is a standout item. But, in the effort to step it up in the "more sophisticated version of  the big girl I am" category, I am going white. Whaaa, white? What's happening? That's right: white. I don't know if it's the passing of our leader, Mr. Steve Jobs, or the desire for maybe something to look slightly less random.. but I want white dishware. My mother has a combination of these dishes in warm tones. Very home-y. Very high quality.

I like it because the color is white but the shapes are relaxed and the glaze is less around the rims so you can see through to the terracotta underneath. I think food would look beautiful on them. Look, I don't want to be greedy so let's start with four each of dinner plates, salad plates, cereal bowls, and condiment bowls. 

This fabulous ring and my philosophy on life.

I've had a hankering for jade, bug motifs, and brooches. All in one

This Lulu Frost for JCrew bangle is retro and chic. It goes with everything!

These shoes haven't left my wishlist. I need them.

Last but certainly not least.

*subject to personal interpretation or if you see something awesome that you know I'd totally want..


Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Two sweet-ass things to check out.

Ever read T Magazine? Well, you should. It's pretty sweet. It is a virtual magazine by NY Times and is divided into seven sections: Women's Fashion, Men's Fashion, Design, Travel, Food, Culture, and Video. Here are my two favorite regular features in the Women's Fashion section..

This is a cool photo feature that that exhibits a model's face before and after make up. Kinda pisses you off a little though, because they all look good before, too. Sometimes better. Anyway, you can drag the line back and forth and see any portion of before and after. Badass.

There is a shoe right off the runway. I'm not really clear if this is a regular feature or just a regular feature during fashion weeks. Either way, I like it. I hope the former. They sort through all of the fashion shows and pick the most.. stand out shoe of the day. They are usually an awesomely beautiful pair of footwear. This one ain't my favorite, I'll be real with you. But usually, really cool. I'll probably get sued by T Magazine after I post this..

i miss my blog,

Saturday, October 1, 2011

My week in Twitter.

I need to say little when also giving you the visual aid of my Twitter updates for the week. That said, I'm gonna Tarantino it and let you take the journey on your own.. mostly.

Gator pride and the end of the week. Regret over not letting Milo bite/scratch me to bits around 3am.. 4am.. 5am.. 
Also giving up on self care.

Milo is acting out. I'm trying to be patient.

Some pretty bold imperative statements here.

 Complain-y and germaphobic.
I do truly hate getting up early. It's like, no matter what time I go to bed, I still feel shitty in the morning.