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Friday, July 29, 2011


Just because you're a dude doesn't mean you don't have to tend to your feet.
Feet in general are pretty gross.
The only people whose feet don't gross me out are those of my two sisters.
I recently switched all of my underwear and pajama-wear to all black everything.
There are two kinds of faces: one kind that looks better from the side and one that looks better head-on.
I have a head-on face.
At the age of 25 I bought my first pair of short shorts and permitted a little young tummy to peak out every now and then.
The only tweezers that work are the Tweezerman Slant.
My eyes are black.
I can do anything I set my mind to.
I don't lotion my legs enough.
Shaving is a pain in the ass.
First chance I get, I'm goin laser.
I never let anyone go near my eyebrows.
I'm an eyebrow snob.
Coconut in ice cream is worthless if it's not toasted.
As far as eyelashes go, it's more about the curl than the length.
The only eyelash curler worth having is by Shu Umera.
I think I think Joaquin Phoenix is attractive.
I need a facial once a month.
Most estheticians are pussies.
Lately, I don't feel like drinking at all.
Well, unless it's champagne.
Thank God no one can see me when I'm home alone.
I wish I were a badass like my little sister.
She takes cool photos (see above 3).


Thursday, July 28, 2011

Makeup today.

I went a little crazy today with the eyeliner. I've been experimenting with a Stila Smudge Pot (I'm sorry, MAC!) and, I must say, I've been won over. Do you like this look? I do.

  • MAC eyeshadow in Phloof: base color on lid.
  • MAC eyeshadow in Soba: color in crease blended in towards inner eye.
  • Stila Smudgepot in Brown: eyeliner applied with MAC angled brush (best tool ever).
  • CoverGirl Lashblast mascara in Very Black, curled with Shu Umera lash curler (actually this is the best tool ever).
  • Urban Decay Bronzer in Baked: swept with a big brush over apples of cheeks and up the cheek bone to the ears.
  • MAC Brow Set in Beguile: used to set and tint eyebrows. 

Inspiration: I've been watching a lot of Mad Men on Netflix Instant: the late 50s, early 60s makeup style was very dramatic and sultry. And the forever impressive cat-eyes of the Kardashian sisters.


Wednesday, July 27, 2011


best regards,

I want Wednesday.

You guys. I just need like a million things. Who the H is gonna buy them for me?! I'm really having problems so I am super excited about how I'm going to be winning the lottery tonight! It will be SO great to have that $111 million to saunter around with, fanning myself on the way to the shoe store. So, yah. I want lots of stuff. I can't even focus enough to write this post. When are my damn red beans & rice gonna be done? It's been forever!

I'm starting to get my shit back together so I at least have Photoshop now to provide you with a visual aid. It's like a children's book up in here. Anyway (focus!) I've decided that maybe I might want to delve into the world of hair flowers. Or do I? I don't know. I'm still doing my research. The way I see it, this can go one of three ways and here they are as described in photographs (of more stuff I want).

1) Go glam. Floral with some sparkle- an obvious option. And I like the tonal quality with my brown hair, it's not such a risk that way.

2) Go big or go home. People. I need to wear this thing on my head at my wedding (or, if that doesn't work out, just some arbitrary day in June in the hopefully near future). I like this thing because I could make a statement with it. I'd like to wear it with hair tied low and just a strapless little black dress. Nude pumps. Please.

3) Go with something artsy. You're not even trying to stick with the authentic flower look anymore. I dig the feathers. This girl has a lot more to choose from.

Well, I like all three. I don't know what I'm gonna do.. until tonight, that is.

Wonderful Wednesday,

p.s.- red beans & rice a success.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Movie Monday.

The Best of Everything (1959).

I LOVE this movie- one of the rare 5s I've given on Netflix (I take that rating system very seriously). It was also a best-selling novel by Rona Jaffe which I learned about incidentally because Betty Draper was reading it on Mad Men. I like her style (seriously just her style, her parenting technique sucks). I still haven't gotten around to reading it, per usual (all them books I didn't read/ they just sat there on my shelf/ lookin much smarter than me). 

It's about five young women, who work in the typing pool at a publishing company under a cranky editor played by Joan Crawford (told ya she plays a good bitch), and the struggle of trying to prove themselves in that time period. Other amazing actors in this film include Hope Lange (first film I've seen her in- love), Suzy Parker, Diane Baker, and Louis Jourdan, among others. There's an affair, there's rejection, there's betrayal, there's death, there's a real cold-hearted bitch trying to keep a good girl down, there's the struggle to make it to the top. It's good shit, I'm telling you. 


Sunday, July 24, 2011

Make this sandwich.

I made this delicious and very simple sandwich the other day and it was yummm. I suggest you try it. Here's what you need:

2 slices of multi-grain bread
1 boiled, shredded boneless/skinless chicken breast
a few slices of smoked cheddar
1/2 of a sliced avocado
salt & pepper

Then do this:

1. butter one side of each slice of bread (as though you're making a grilled cheese)
2. assemble as seen above
3. salt & pepper (and by S&P, I mean just salt but my mom said to never separate the two)
4. grill on a panini press (I used my Le Creuset panini set in Caribbean)
5. eat it.

buen provecho,


I'm obsessed with Instagram. Are you? Well, you ought to be. It's an instantly gratifying (and free) photography app. Dig it. I like it because it's a fun alternative to other social networking mediums and it has tons of filters. There is the option to share on those other mediums though, so you're never out of the loop! Here are some of my favorite (proper spelling) photos as of late.

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happy Sunday,

Friday, July 22, 2011

NY, I miss you.

Since I don't feel like dropping a lot of dough on hardware recovery right now, I am presently without any photos taken before July 2011. F. So that means I have nothing in my Keep NY weird folder :( Instead I thought I'd drop some knowledge on you and divulge some of the restaurants in the city that I daydream about. I'll just tell you about three for now; three restaurants and one bakery, actually.

The first is called Five Points. Ohhhhh yeahhhhh.. Um, what? I LOVE brunch at Five Points. FANTASTIC smoked salmon benedict and mimosas with fresh squeezed orange juice. I have a hell of a time at that place. I took all of my guests who visited when I lived in NYC and never had a bad experience.

At one time I lived in Murray Hill (I know) so I was right around the corner from Madison Square Park AND Shake Shack. God almighty, I love me a Shack Stack (see menu) and some frozen custard, possibly of the flavor of the day. It's so good. Now they have more locations and even one in Miami, not far from me, but it's not the same. Truly worth the mile-long line one must wait in nearly every single time you go no matter what day/hour/time of year. Luckily, they have a Shack Cam so you can plan ahead!

The best grilled cheese of my life is from Westville on W. 10th in the West Village. Gouda and a Portuguese muffin are involved. Sure it's a hole in the wall and kind of a rip off, but they know their way around a grilled cheese (I've also heard their other food is great, too). They've got a few locations in the city and a new one in Chelsea. Yum! 

City Bakery is muy delicioso (y caro). Personally I'm into their homemade marshmallows and killer hot chocolate. They always have a variety of flavors. I ain't mad at their cookies, either. Easy to spend a pretty penny at this joint but it's worth treating yourself every now and again. Mac & cheese!

I'm hungry,

Thursday, July 21, 2011


Is anyone watching Wilfred? It is.. weird. It's a dark, existential stoner comedy but I dig it. Elijah Wood stars with this other guy who plays Wilfred: a grown man with an Australian accent and a beard who wears a dog costume the whole time. Between bowl packing and bong hits there is a frenemy-like, but close (imaginary) relationship between this burnt-out single late 20s early 30s dude and this dog. The funniest part is Wilfred's defiant and childish attitude juxtaposed with his adult mouth and actions. You get it. Check it out on FX, Thursdays at 10pm.


Thanks, girl.

A thank you to Urban Outfitters for having a whole section of their website specifically dedicated to Apartment decor. It makes those of us feeling like we might be in this limbo living situation for the rest of our lives feel that perhaps, somewhere out there in the cosmos, someone understands.

Additionally, the blog Apartment Therapy does the same thing for apartment dwellers with our mini kitchens with no counter space, slanting mini porches and carpet we'd never choose ourselves. You are "saving the world one room at a time!" So thanks, girl(s). It means so much.


Wednesday, July 20, 2011

I want Wednesday.

Shoes. Shoes, Dammit! I want a lot of 'em. Always do. Today is no exception. No matter how hard I try, how many days I make myself go without visiting Zappos or Endless, I always break down in the end of course discovering the key element that would just complete my wardrobe and solve all worldy problems. Today, I'm doing my best to tell you about only a few of them. It's real hard! I should probably see a specialist.

First of all, I have a major thing for the brand Seychelles. I own several pairs of their shoes and they are well made and pretty comf (for five-inch heels). This is a new pair they introduced called Witness (resisting "can I get a witness" reference). I like them in clay but there are two other colors that I know of. The thick heel makes them much easier to walk in. They'd go with everything, right?

Secondly, it being Summer and all (and a hot bitch, at that) I've been looking for sandals. The above pair, Wynne, by DV by Dolce Vita are muy bonita, no? Loving the turquoise; no other color is an option. I have a big soft spot for turquoise, baby.

And, I'm sorry, but I must have these flats with a big bow on top. Remember Sam & Libby's? Holy cow. I rocked Sam & Libby's like they were goin out of style (they were). I miss them so. DV by Dolce Vita's Maree flat resembles them with a little update along with the neutral color. Obviously I need these for nostalgia reasons and also cuteness, don't you think?


Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Stoked about this website.

Check it.

This site is called Moo and it's such a departure from your everyday online printing source. I was looking for a website that'd print calling cards for me, and came across this very 'outside the box' business. The graphic designs are so much fun. They definitely changed my opinion of business cards which is the plainer the better. If you have art like this, go for it! The site is very user-friendly and concise. I'm loving it. They make a variety of other products including sticker books, labels, and postcards. AND they have mini cards! I love a good mini card, you know. I could very easily pee my pants with excitement right now (too much?). Now I just have to choose! I'm having too much fun.


Monday, July 18, 2011


Things are happening.

I renamed this blog. It is now called the life & times of jayteewo (me!) I like it better. I also changed the URL so be mindful of that. I won't be changing it again, I promise. The banner is different, too. Do you like it?! This all started when my hard drive failed last week and I lost everything on it. I'm still dealing with the heartbreak. NO. I did not back up my computer. Gosh. I will do that hence forth so stop bringing it up. It created a lot of problems for me (failure to plan is planning to fail) so I decided as I'm starting over with everything else, I'd make this blog just a little better while I'm at it! I'm so glad you're as excited about it as I am. Let me know what you think. For real this time. Unless you aren't into it. But do it anyway. Thanks.


Movie Monday.

You guys. I just watched Woman of the Year with Katherine Hepburn and Spencer Tracy. This, after I heard about their life-long love affair from my Gramma. Scandal! Spenc wouldn't get a divorce because he was Catholic so they just lived next door to each other and everyone knew that they were lovasss! So it's not hard to believe their chemistry on screen at all. It's really intense and comically ahead of its time. Very good timing. And I love Katherine Hepburn. I tried not to like her, but I do. Her accent grows on you, I swear (maybe not). This was her first appearance with Tracy in a film and also the one during which they fell in love. You can tell. Plus, my feminist side (which might be all sides) likes to watch movies with a powerful woman in the leading role trying to balance "it all." I liked Woman of the Year so much I am going to buy it and let up on my stingy Netflix rating and give it five stars. 


Friday, July 15, 2011


Yes, I'm writing a post about Winnie the Pooh, dammit. I need to tell you some stuff because Disney is doing something with this story that pretty much doesn't happen these days: they are releasing a movie that is animated like the original tv show! They're goin classic with this bitch. Heyoo! This gives me hope, people. Maybe I jumped the gun when I purchased all of my favorite Disney shows/movies on dvd so as to have something to show my kids one day when the wonderful art of yesteryear animation is completely nonexistent.

Disney is releasing a Winnie the Pooh movie today, July 15th. It looks pretty authentic, but of course I have a few complaints: Christopher Robin's voice: who do you think you're kidding here, Disney? I could also deal without the Keane song on the trailer. What's that about? The imagery is the same, though, and the basic plot line has the feel of the original series. I won't go see it (probably will) but I'm glad that kids today will be exposed to this type of animation and innocent subject matter. None of that new-fangled crap they have out nowadays. It's a glimmer of hope, that's all.

until next time,

I want Wednesday (Friday edition).

Starting today, this limited edish MAC Cine-Matics face brush kit will be available at Nordstrom for their yearly anniversary sale. I discovered this great news in the above tear from July's Allure. This is just too good to pass up. I've been needing a couple of these brushes so I'm glad this fancy version came out. (You can't do a job right if you don't have the right tools.) I am a huge fan of MAC's collections but have never purchased them from anywhere but an actual MAC store. To be honest, I already bought them this morning and there are two different sets. They are real pretty, folks. Yay!

peace out,

Friday, July 8, 2011

Keep NY Weird.

Hilarious. These were condoms being handed out in Union Square, I believe. I had a shoddy photo so I had to find this one online. I was not fortunate enough to receive an Obama condom- this belonged to my friend TB. The asterisk at the bottoms says, "*For Hard Times." Get it? I doubt you do.


Farewell, Space.

We knew you well. Well.. not that well. I figure we still have a thing or two to learn. On this monumental birthday of my sister's, our country, too, is experiencing a milestone by halting the space exploration program. Today is the end of the "Space Shuttle Era." I take it as kismet that these two events fall on the same day. It's a launch significant for both parties.

Today the last shuttle is being launched for the last space exploration mission. It's a big change. It's kind of what the USA stands for. (we are gonna start outsourcing it to Russia, of course, as far as maintenance goes) Watch the Atlantis launch today at 11:26am EDT and take it in. I guess no further comment until we figure out a way to get on that fiery planet they call Mars. We might be waiting a while.


It's ya birthday.

Today is my big sissie's birthday. She recently found me a Texan brother-in-law (or she got married) and is looking happier than ever!


A few words about Wowie (names have been changed): she is a bite-sized Barbie doll, she's married to Ken, she has a black son named Pierre (clarification: it's a pug), she has a lovely singing voice (compared to Pierre), she makes homemade ranch dressing and a mean blackberry cobbler. She's Little Miss Suzy Homemaker these days and doing a great job of it. I just love my big sissie and I'm getting anxious for some mini-hers..

Happy Birthday, Wowie. I love you mucho and age really is just a number; I know a lot of people your age who look much worse. Just kidding, you are getting better with time so start looking forward to those birthdays cuz you're just gonna evolve. Think how fantastic you'll look in ten years! Meeeyow!


Wednesday, July 6, 2011

I want Wednesday.

I have been looking for a circular mirror (ideally oval, actually) to put above my nightstand for some added pizazz and I think I've found it! Yesssss. Again, from the illustrious UO. I want it.

My sister went to Tokyo a couple years ago and brought back all of this adorable tape with designs on it. Jealous, I set out to find some stateside and here it is. This website has tons of sweet little things you might like in addition such as Japanese paper goods, magazines and stationary. I'm also aware one can find this fun variety of tape at multiple Etsy shops like this one, this one, or this one.

feel free to buy me stuff, 

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Baked apples.

Baked apples are something my dad used to make my younger sister and I before school back in the day. Waking up to that smell ain't nothin to scoff at, in fact, it's great. Maybe the greatest. One might argue that baked apples are more of a fall/winter thing, but I'd counter-argue that they are more of an 'all the time' thing.
Here's what you need:

an apple (I use Gala)
1T butter
brown sugar or maple syrup to taste

-preheat oven to 375°
-cut vertically & core an apple
-poke a few fork holes in there for heat to escape
-put around a 1/2T of butter in what is now the apple valley (duh)
-fill up the remaining space with either brown sugar or maple syrup (or both, holla!)
-place in baking receptacle & bake for 45 min (it's not an exact science- I like my baked apples kind of soft)

They should be bubbling and smelling delish. Be careful: apples retain a lot of heat for a lot of time. More than once I've eaten through the pain. I'm not proud of it.* Put as much or as little (don't be a puss) topping as you want.

*yes I am.


Independence day weekend.

I went out of town. Did you notice? I thought not. I would've let you know ahead of time if anyone read this damn thing.

ANYway, I live in the south and I went (drove) up north for five days (not enough) to cook homemade eggrolls and bask in the calm and quiet. It was nice to have a relief from the humidity and I got to read a bunch of vintage magazines, which I love. A lot of my family lives in Hillsdale, MI and I like it there. My gramma (dad's mom) is an artist in the kitchen. Each meal is a production. My other gramma (mom's mom) doesn't play with the delicious homemade white bread. I like to soak it with a little (lottle) too much butter. Mmm. GB toast, represent.

turtle pie (sooo so good)

pb cookies sandwiching chocolate ganache

GB's toast

this I've admired on my gramma's dresser since I was little

magazines from 1942 & 1943

watercolors by a local artist & professor

what my aunt looks like in chair form

June seemed to fly by, didn't it?