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Monday, July 25, 2011

Movie Monday.

The Best of Everything (1959).

I LOVE this movie- one of the rare 5s I've given on Netflix (I take that rating system very seriously). It was also a best-selling novel by Rona Jaffe which I learned about incidentally because Betty Draper was reading it on Mad Men. I like her style (seriously just her style, her parenting technique sucks). I still haven't gotten around to reading it, per usual (all them books I didn't read/ they just sat there on my shelf/ lookin much smarter than me). 

It's about five young women, who work in the typing pool at a publishing company under a cranky editor played by Joan Crawford (told ya she plays a good bitch), and the struggle of trying to prove themselves in that time period. Other amazing actors in this film include Hope Lange (first film I've seen her in- love), Suzy Parker, Diane Baker, and Louis Jourdan, among others. There's an affair, there's rejection, there's betrayal, there's death, there's a real cold-hearted bitch trying to keep a good girl down, there's the struggle to make it to the top. It's good shit, I'm telling you. 


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