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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

I want Wednesday.

Shoes. Shoes, Dammit! I want a lot of 'em. Always do. Today is no exception. No matter how hard I try, how many days I make myself go without visiting Zappos or Endless, I always break down in the end of course discovering the key element that would just complete my wardrobe and solve all worldy problems. Today, I'm doing my best to tell you about only a few of them. It's real hard! I should probably see a specialist.

First of all, I have a major thing for the brand Seychelles. I own several pairs of their shoes and they are well made and pretty comf (for five-inch heels). This is a new pair they introduced called Witness (resisting "can I get a witness" reference). I like them in clay but there are two other colors that I know of. The thick heel makes them much easier to walk in. They'd go with everything, right?

Secondly, it being Summer and all (and a hot bitch, at that) I've been looking for sandals. The above pair, Wynne, by DV by Dolce Vita are muy bonita, no? Loving the turquoise; no other color is an option. I have a big soft spot for turquoise, baby.

And, I'm sorry, but I must have these flats with a big bow on top. Remember Sam & Libby's? Holy cow. I rocked Sam & Libby's like they were goin out of style (they were). I miss them so. DV by Dolce Vita's Maree flat resembles them with a little update along with the neutral color. Obviously I need these for nostalgia reasons and also cuteness, don't you think?


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