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Monday, July 18, 2011

Movie Monday.

You guys. I just watched Woman of the Year with Katherine Hepburn and Spencer Tracy. This, after I heard about their life-long love affair from my Gramma. Scandal! Spenc wouldn't get a divorce because he was Catholic so they just lived next door to each other and everyone knew that they were lovasss! So it's not hard to believe their chemistry on screen at all. It's really intense and comically ahead of its time. Very good timing. And I love Katherine Hepburn. I tried not to like her, but I do. Her accent grows on you, I swear (maybe not). This was her first appearance with Tracy in a film and also the one during which they fell in love. You can tell. Plus, my feminist side (which might be all sides) likes to watch movies with a powerful woman in the leading role trying to balance "it all." I liked Woman of the Year so much I am going to buy it and let up on my stingy Netflix rating and give it five stars. 


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