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Friday, July 15, 2011


Yes, I'm writing a post about Winnie the Pooh, dammit. I need to tell you some stuff because Disney is doing something with this story that pretty much doesn't happen these days: they are releasing a movie that is animated like the original tv show! They're goin classic with this bitch. Heyoo! This gives me hope, people. Maybe I jumped the gun when I purchased all of my favorite Disney shows/movies on dvd so as to have something to show my kids one day when the wonderful art of yesteryear animation is completely nonexistent.

Disney is releasing a Winnie the Pooh movie today, July 15th. It looks pretty authentic, but of course I have a few complaints: Christopher Robin's voice: who do you think you're kidding here, Disney? I could also deal without the Keane song on the trailer. What's that about? The imagery is the same, though, and the basic plot line has the feel of the original series. I won't go see it (probably will) but I'm glad that kids today will be exposed to this type of animation and innocent subject matter. None of that new-fangled crap they have out nowadays. It's a glimmer of hope, that's all.

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