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Friday, July 8, 2011

Farewell, Space.

We knew you well. Well.. not that well. I figure we still have a thing or two to learn. On this monumental birthday of my sister's, our country, too, is experiencing a milestone by halting the space exploration program. Today is the end of the "Space Shuttle Era." I take it as kismet that these two events fall on the same day. It's a launch significant for both parties.

Today the last shuttle is being launched for the last space exploration mission. It's a big change. It's kind of what the USA stands for. (we are gonna start outsourcing it to Russia, of course, as far as maintenance goes) Watch the Atlantis launch today at 11:26am EDT and take it in. I guess no further comment until we figure out a way to get on that fiery planet they call Mars. We might be waiting a while.


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