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Friday, July 8, 2011

It's ya birthday.

Today is my big sissie's birthday. She recently found me a Texan brother-in-law (or she got married) and is looking happier than ever!


A few words about Wowie (names have been changed): she is a bite-sized Barbie doll, she's married to Ken, she has a black son named Pierre (clarification: it's a pug), she has a lovely singing voice (compared to Pierre), she makes homemade ranch dressing and a mean blackberry cobbler. She's Little Miss Suzy Homemaker these days and doing a great job of it. I just love my big sissie and I'm getting anxious for some mini-hers..

Happy Birthday, Wowie. I love you mucho and age really is just a number; I know a lot of people your age who look much worse. Just kidding, you are getting better with time so start looking forward to those birthdays cuz you're just gonna evolve. Think how fantastic you'll look in ten years! Meeeyow!


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