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Friday, July 22, 2011

NY, I miss you.

Since I don't feel like dropping a lot of dough on hardware recovery right now, I am presently without any photos taken before July 2011. F. So that means I have nothing in my Keep NY weird folder :( Instead I thought I'd drop some knowledge on you and divulge some of the restaurants in the city that I daydream about. I'll just tell you about three for now; three restaurants and one bakery, actually.

The first is called Five Points. Ohhhhh yeahhhhh.. Um, what? I LOVE brunch at Five Points. FANTASTIC smoked salmon benedict and mimosas with fresh squeezed orange juice. I have a hell of a time at that place. I took all of my guests who visited when I lived in NYC and never had a bad experience.

At one time I lived in Murray Hill (I know) so I was right around the corner from Madison Square Park AND Shake Shack. God almighty, I love me a Shack Stack (see menu) and some frozen custard, possibly of the flavor of the day. It's so good. Now they have more locations and even one in Miami, not far from me, but it's not the same. Truly worth the mile-long line one must wait in nearly every single time you go no matter what day/hour/time of year. Luckily, they have a Shack Cam so you can plan ahead!

The best grilled cheese of my life is from Westville on W. 10th in the West Village. Gouda and a Portuguese muffin are involved. Sure it's a hole in the wall and kind of a rip off, but they know their way around a grilled cheese (I've also heard their other food is great, too). They've got a few locations in the city and a new one in Chelsea. Yum! 

City Bakery is muy delicioso (y caro). Personally I'm into their homemade marshmallows and killer hot chocolate. They always have a variety of flavors. I ain't mad at their cookies, either. Easy to spend a pretty penny at this joint but it's worth treating yourself every now and again. Mac & cheese!

I'm hungry,

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