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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Independence day weekend.

I went out of town. Did you notice? I thought not. I would've let you know ahead of time if anyone read this damn thing.

ANYway, I live in the south and I went (drove) up north for five days (not enough) to cook homemade eggrolls and bask in the calm and quiet. It was nice to have a relief from the humidity and I got to read a bunch of vintage magazines, which I love. A lot of my family lives in Hillsdale, MI and I like it there. My gramma (dad's mom) is an artist in the kitchen. Each meal is a production. My other gramma (mom's mom) doesn't play with the delicious homemade white bread. I like to soak it with a little (lottle) too much butter. Mmm. GB toast, represent.

turtle pie (sooo so good)

pb cookies sandwiching chocolate ganache

GB's toast

this I've admired on my gramma's dresser since I was little

magazines from 1942 & 1943

watercolors by a local artist & professor

what my aunt looks like in chair form

June seemed to fly by, didn't it?



  1. I like your blog....
    I wish I would have seen you when you were here...

  2. Thanks! I want to come back. It wasn't enough time at all.