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Monday, July 18, 2011


Things are happening.

I renamed this blog. It is now called the life & times of jayteewo (me!) I like it better. I also changed the URL so be mindful of that. I won't be changing it again, I promise. The banner is different, too. Do you like it?! This all started when my hard drive failed last week and I lost everything on it. I'm still dealing with the heartbreak. NO. I did not back up my computer. Gosh. I will do that hence forth so stop bringing it up. It created a lot of problems for me (failure to plan is planning to fail) so I decided as I'm starting over with everything else, I'd make this blog just a little better while I'm at it! I'm so glad you're as excited about it as I am. Let me know what you think. For real this time. Unless you aren't into it. But do it anyway. Thanks.


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