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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

I want Wednesday.

The above ad is from a very awesome blog called A Beautiful Mess. Elsie (the one holding the camera) has a lot of flair. She does all sorts of DIYs and has a seriously integrated blog from all angles plus a physical store front. What a smart gal! She's obviously doing pretty well and since I am a new blogger, I want to take her e-course for bloggers called "Blog Love" as I think I could learn from her. Obviously I need it, this place is a dump. She has several other courses, too, and they are very reasonable. Kirsty Lu says it'd be muy helpful.

Next, I want this gold metallic pouf by Nate Berkus. Yes, a pouf. No, not the magazine. It is perfect for my walk-in closet when I'm deliberating what to wear. I need somewhere to sit in that place! So naturally a gold pouf is the answer. Perfect.


Monday, June 27, 2011

Mildred Pierce.

Joan Crawford got a bad rap for the whole Mommy, Dearest thing.. but ya know, she was in a ton of films and a lot of them very good. My absolute, hands-down favorite is Mildred Pierce (1945). It is a crazy ride. Every time I watch it I yell at the television hoping my objections will make it turn out differently (they do not). Plus, I love film noir. There are some other great actors in the film also: Jack Carson, Eve Arden and Zachary Scott. Joan's m.o. is being a bitch, but in this movie the tables are turned! Gasp!

It should be mentioned that there is a mini-series on HBO presently based on MP. I really would like to see it, but I don't have HBO so I'll be waiting for it to grace Netflix. It stars the beautiful Kate Winslet (fab) and surely has a great supporting cast but I didn't feel like researching it. (okay, I know Evan Rachel Wood plays that bitch!, Veda) Some liberties were probably taken and though I'd recommend watching the mini-series, first watch the original. It also happens to be a book which I have definitely not read.


Saturday, June 25, 2011


This is a project I did with a really cool Etsy shop called Hobbie Horse Designs out of Texas (love). The woman who owns and operates it is very nice and PATIENT. Gosh, I change my mind so much. She responded promptly to my message about custom work and communicated thoroughly afterwards. She went the extra mile to make sure I got what I wanted. I wanted the word "DELISH" to put on my kitchen wall. I chose the word, size, font, and fabric (she sent me tons of swatches) and they did the rest.

I went with Storybook font on eight-inch letters. The six individual prints are vintage-y bird motifs of my choosing. This is how she comes up with the final product:
  1. paints the top of the letters white so that nothing will show through the fabric.
  2. decoupages the fabric onto the wood so "it will last forever."
  3. applies several coats of sealer to keep the letters from turning yellow.
* these can even be spot-cleaned if I happen to fling some marinara over there.

I like them a lot.

P.S.- you can get my poster from here, my pepper mill from here, and mixer here.



High-waisted shorts. Here's a little background on how I feel about shorts in general: I hate them. I do not enjoy showing you my ass cheeks and my whole thigh- I usually make someone work for the rights of that viewing area. But that's what is largely available. I grew up in Florida so I've been forced to wear shorts regardless of my personal feelings. It's all you can do to keep on any clothing during the hot months (all of them)! Usually opting for a longer variety (I know) I live with shorts out of necessity. Lately, I've started to see a pair of high-waisted shorts here and there and I'm glad. Though I'm not sure why it hadn't occurred to me up until this point, it's apparent that my style niche in the shorts category is high-waisted. I'm pretty excited. I don't know why it's somehow acceptible to my code to wear shorter shorts if they be high-waisted, but it's working for me. Perhaps it's the total amount of material used that's of issue. Who knows..

These are two pairs I purchased at Urban Outfitters: the first are by Sparkle & Fade the second by BDG. (gimme a break on the belt: it was an impulse buy in Milan that I periodically wear to justify the amount of euros it set me back) If you have a longer torso on a somewhat curvy figure, this is a nice silhouette. It's all about proportion. I've finally found shorts I can handle. Hallelujah!


Friday, June 24, 2011

Keep NY Weird.

This was taken on some wall on some street in some neighborhood of New York City. Cool, huh? The way I see it, it's the insignia of an all female gang. Each member has sweet ninja moves but all they really do is sneak up on people scaring them and then, of course, quickly spray paint this logo somewhere before slinking back into the darkness. I'm not a member or anything.


Thursday, June 23, 2011

Champagne party.

Have I mentioned I love champagne? I looooove champagne. I was watching Barefoot Contessa today and it was an episode entitled "French Made Easy." Another thing I love: French food (French men, French countryside, French culture..). In this episode, Ina conducts the same party both in Paris and East Hampton. First of all, wouldn't that be just fabulous? to have not only a place to stay in either of those places but also to hold champagne parties at one or both places? You'd be set. Anyway, Ina hops over to the French market to buy the most expensive, seasonal items available, of course. She has a cocktail party serving champagne with the following hors d'oeuvres: olive tapenade, pâté, cucumbers, black and green olives, french baguette, cashews, grape tomatoes, herbed goat cheese, and salami (or other cured meats). I think that sounds lovely, don't you? Such a nice flow of details and subtle strategizing for a summer soirée. I'd totally go.

I intend to hold a party like this in the next month. It's just a matter of getting everyone together. I like to use this website called Paperless Post for occasions like that. They do awesome virtual invitations. It looks like a tangible invitation and it has a lot of details. If it costs you anything it's not much. In the end you have a sweet customized virtual invitation on short notice.


Wednesday, June 22, 2011

I want Wednesday.

Please look at how fabulous this is. This Dolce & Gabbana Animalier Bronze is in July's Allure. It's exclusively at Saks and is limited edish. I haven't tried any of D&G's cosmetics yet, but I love their gorgeous ads. This bronzer is muy bonita and perfect for Summer. Need it real bad.

This is more practical but also perfect for this long, hot Summer. I have wanted this "Hydration Vessel" by KOR ONE in orchid pink for a long time. I don't know why I haven't purchased it. It's ergonomic and the top is attached. And it has a handle! Any way I can be just a little more lazy, I'm into. They say it's the best reusable water receptacle out there. But I don't know who "they" are so you better decide for yourself.


Monday, June 20, 2011

Movie Monday.

I have a love for old films (and films in general) and their stars. Sometimes they are a little ridiculous if you don't consider them in context but that's part of the fun. They're simpler and sillier. The style back then (between 1940-1960ish) was more glam and if you think we take style seriously these days, you should check out the pains these women so obviously went through to have like a 15-inch waste and hair that doesn't move. Ever. And the men! So dapper always. God I love TCM (that's Turner Classic Movies for you ignoramuses out there). TCM is a wonderful thing in my life that has exposed me to many stars and films I otherwise would have never been aware of. Netflix also makes so many old films accessible. They don't make 'em like that anymore.

Today its Lana Turner. Look how beautiful this woman was! Lana had an interesting life and was a fantastic actress. I just watched Marriage is a Private Affair (1944). It was scandalous. Basically she played a hot chick who gets married but still chases men.. At the worst, you get to look at her.


Sunday, June 19, 2011


There is a real show on Animal Planet entitled "Too Cute! Kittens." It is freakin cute. It's about little baby kittens from birth on (I could deal without the birthing shots though..). It's a whole show about adorableness. That is a word! Sweet little baby fuzzies. I want 'em. Did you know that cats sleep from 13 to 16 hours a day? I'm not really into cute, squishy, fluffy stuff but sometimes you can't deny it. Kittens make me melt like a popsicle on the fourth of July. Have you seen that video of the mama kitty hugging its baby?! You have to watch it. I die. You're gonna love it. (maybe not, but I've been watching a lot of daytime television lately and this beats "Cold Case")

xo (it just feels right here),

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Happy Father's day.

I call my dad "Daddy" and you can expect me to do that until I check out. I hate it when people say "I'm SUCH a Daddy's girl" so I guess that means I hate myself because that's what I say (but not in mixed company).

My dad has three daughters, poor bastard. Each of us different, each of us difficult (rarely). Despite being overrun by estrogen at times, he remains an emotionally involved role model, father and friend. He cooks me delicious food and has always played an equal parental role with my mom. He validates me daily (thank. Goodness.). He loves me endlessly (this has been tested so I know it's true). He has seen my ugliest and still wants to be around me (and I mean ugly. I am SUCH a jerk sometimes). To this day my mother says she would choose him again to be the father of her children, isn't that nice?

I hope one day I can do something that makes me worthy of all he's done for me. I might need to become the president or something, though. Don't hold your breath, Daddy. I love you. Happy Fantastic, Wonderful Man Day (aka: Father's Day). I think you're a freakin angel.

I love you always forever (not you! I don't even know you!),

Friday, June 17, 2011

Keep NY Weird.

This was taken in the back sale room at a store called Fishs Eddy on Broadway and 19th Street. It's a really cool, affordable kitchenware store with a personality, as you can see. Pretty funny.

(Made the deadline this time. Thank goodness, my boss was getting pissed.)


Thursday, June 16, 2011

Maple syrup.

I am a self-proclaimed maple syrup snob and proud of it. And I'm not the only one: there are literally dozens of us. Maple syrup is a wonderful, delicious treasure that should be cherished. I will judge you if you aren't one to insist upon legit syrup. There's nothing that annoys me more than if I'm at a restaurant and order "real maple syrup" and I get Mrs. Butterworth's. You can bet your sweet ass I'll be sending that shit right back and making a scene. It's like if I order fresh-squeezed orange juice and receive what is clearly Tropicana. I will notice. There is a HUGE difference in taste between the authentic stuff and the fake stuff. I shouldn't have to ask if it is what it says it is.

Being of Michigander descent, I know where to get the good shit. Particularly if there is some independent farm out in the boonies (see Sugarbush), you can find fantastic maple syrup deliciousness just about anywhere up north. Throw in some Amish butter while you're at it. The Canadians aren't bad at makin maple syrup either. I've never turned my nose up at a Canadian syrup. Not once. And they do sell it at Publix or whatever grocery store you shop at, so there's really no excuse. It just costs a little more. Worth. every. penny.

I'm serious.

Resist the urge.. overdecorate. I have a real problem with this. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that I am very affected by my surroundings, especially as far as color goes. I always want pretty surrounding me. I HATE plain walls. I'll say it again: HATE plain, white walls. God, it was so depressing living in New York where I wasn't supposed to paint the walls in my apartment (I like all the other aspects of living there, though). Finally I decided it was worth it to paint my second apartment yellow. Wow, did that make a difference. If you're going to live in a 400 square foot studio, you best have some decorative interest on the walls.

I am constantly pulling in the reigns on wanting to add just one more thing to a setup I have going. Like the above sideboard. It looks perfectly fine with just the dancing couple and vase. But I so want to fill up the entire surface with some kind of arrangement. That can work, too, but sometimes simplicity is the way to go. Here are several surfaces in my present living situation where I have resisted the urge to overdecorate. It's looking more adult. You have to keep that in check. It's okay to have feminine things and artistic things, but let's be a big girl, too. It's about balance, ya know. I can really get carried away with non-relevant tchotchke (never written that word before, took me forever to find the spelling) stuff.

And if you do put a lot of stuff on a surface, it's important to make it look like there's a rhyme to the reason. An order, if you will. I do that by putting like objects together to give continuity or using a color theme. For example, I have a lot of jewelry and accessories and I like to be able to see it all. Here is how I arranged my dresser. It's not perfect, but it looks less cluttered than it could look.

I am in love with color. BRIGHT! color. So when you only have a bunch of colorful pieces, one must arrange them in a logical way. Thus, I've gotten pretty good at layouts for gallery walls. Gallery walls are also a good way to get some cohesiveness if you have a lot of wall art, like me. I put them all together so it looks like they're a family and then use a lot of neutrals as far as the furniture and other miscellaneous items go so it doesn't look like a rainbow threw up in here. It kinda still does, though. But I'm into it.


Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Kirsty Lu.

You should read this cute girl's blog. I've known her for over 20 years (a lot for a 20-something-year-old). Her blog is filled with vintage-y craftiness and decor ideas. You'll love it!

until next time,

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Thought Catalog.

If you aren't already in the know on Thought Catalog then get on it. It's a digital magazine out of New York City that has provacative (in both senses) articles that, if not hilarious, are compelling nine times out of ten. Follow them on Twitter: @ThoughtCatalog. Here's the copy from their "About" page:
Why Read Thought Catalog?
1. Thought Catalog is illuminating and informative.
2. The site is well-designed and clutter-free.
3. TC contributors are smart. They’re at the vanguard of their respective fields and have published everywhere from The Paris Review to Maxim.
4. We’re nobrow and nonpartisan. We don’t take any of this or ourselves too seriously. Culture is our politics.
5. Reading Thought Catalog will probably make you more interesting. You’re going to find out about stuff here you won’t see in the mainstream media. Thought Catalog will open new perspectives.
6. We’re avant-now. But our mission is also archival. We plan on sticking around for a longtime.
7. Our content is always vetted and (most of the time) edited.
8. We’re generous. We’re positive. We’re friendly. We prefer to focus on the good than the bad. We’re more celebratory than critical.
9. Important conversations happen here.
10. In a small way, you’re supporting the future of journalism.



I want Wednesday.

I want this peacock print (by Eleanor Grosch with PushMePullYou Design, $40). But to be honest, I haven't any more wall space so it'll have to wait. I love Eleanor's art and have been following her for a while. Most of her work depicts animals in a unique, graphic way. She's got a really cool way of looking at things. She's always updating her blog at

These glasses are shmancy. I'm lovin a cat's eye frame. (Look Sharp Shades in taupe, $24) The pair I really want are Chanel and they have sparkles in the lenses! Sparkles!

see ya,

Long, Hot Summer.

Paul Newman is my main man. He makes delicious organic food products and has a delicious bod. Not to mention he's a really good actor. (All in present tense.) I just watched Long, Hot Summer and it was great. I thought it relevant because that's what we're looking down the barrel of, a Long. Hot. Summer. Ughh. Joanne Woodward really knocked it out of the park with this guy. Good for her.. I guess.

xo (not into that),

These things are delish.

1) ZenSoy makes, hands down, the best chocolate soy milk. As a regular soy milk drinker I really get screwed on the chocolate option. Of course one can rarely find this brand and this time (at the illustrious Whole Foods) only the small size was available.

2) I'm a big supporter of Newman's Own and this chocolate does not disappoint. Dark chocolate is my fave and I personally think the ideal percentage is between 54% and 65%. The addition of espresso "nibs" (what a gross word) in this bar is yum. I also very much enjoy their pineapple salsa.

3) Luna bars are a staple in my diet and this is a new flavor. Being of coconut and me liking anything with coconut in it, I'm loving it! Again, I can never find it but I hit the jackpot at WF today. Thank heaven.

4) Fruit leather is a healthy little snack you should check out. I do think that all of the flavors kinda taste the same though.


I went to the beach.

I went to the beach with my mom this morning (and I mean early) and it was lovely. There wasn't a soul to mar the view (see that's funny because 'mar' means ocean in Español)* except the one old couple with nothing better to do. We walked what seemed like miles in the cool water. It made me realize that life is too damn short to do that only every once in a while. I need me some living quarters with an ocean front view, baby! I guess what I'm saying is, I'm planning to win the lottery and buy some coastal property in Florida because we have beaches here, apparently. I'm going to the beach more often and I think you should too.

*not funny

enjoy your day,

Monday, June 13, 2011

Dia Frampton on "The Voice."

I'm digging this chick's voice. It really opened up when she focused on the piano. 'Ol Blake really knew what he was talking about with that one. I always like it when people redo rap songs, and this is one I liked to begin with. I don't usually watch shows like this (aka "American Idol", yuck) but this show doesn't make you wade through all the shit to get to the bearable performances. Plus, to be honest, I DVR it and fast forward through all the emotional crap I don't care about.

goodnight & good luck,

How do I look?

With many talents am I blessed. These include: advanced procrastination abilities, pesto-making, picture-hanging, zoning out, general daydreaming, making my apartment smell great, stretching of truth or total avoidance, and champagne drinking. These are all fine and well but included in this skill set is not web design. I'm working on it. But I think this blog is looking better all the time, don't you? It's more me now, which is who you're paying to read about after all. Technically no money was exchanged but you get the idea. Things will continue to change until I get it just right and then I'll probably change it again. So if you think of anything that will make the experience easier or more enjoyable, holla at me. I aim to please.


Sunday, June 12, 2011

Kings of Leon.

I was introduced to Kings of Leon around 2005 and I've been a fan ever since. Honestly, they don't have a bad album. That said, I've had this new one, "Come Around Sundown", for a while but hadn't listened to it. I thought, "there's no way they can have another good one." So, for fear of disappointment, I scrolled passed it on my iPod for months. This past week I allowed myself to delve into it and let me tell you, I was quite short of disappointed. What the f?! They did it again! It's really good. I like how they evolve with each new release while remaining unmistakably Kings of Leon. You should check it out for sure. Also, I haven't seen them live myself but pretty much everyone I know has and they say it's the best live show ever. FYI. Not bad to look at, either.

Favorite songs (although I truly like them all.. but if I had to choose): No Money, The Face, Pyro.


I can't live without you.

How do these people make any money? I have Amazon Prime and I order a $9 book and they overnight the damn thing! What?! No way there's profit in that. Zappos does the same thing. First mistake on their part is that they made me a "VIP" customer, which I'm not complaining about. I've been zappo-ing the hell out of it since '04. Anyway, they overnight me stuff for free everytime. It's craziness. Their customer service is unparalleled. And don't get me started on Netflix. Their instant streaming selection is vast and so so convenient on my DVD player. If I'm not careful (and I'm not) I could spend all day with Netflix. The turnaround is so fast! I live, breathe, sleep, eat, bleed Netflix. I don't care if they are making money. Except that if they don't I can't reap the benefits of their services so I do, in fact, actually want them to make money.

I just think these are three of the best companies out there today and they've certainly won my loyalty. If I can't find something on one of these three websites then I don't want it. (okay, I might dabble in a few others) God, I love them.


Saturday, June 11, 2011

Keep NY Weird.

What is it with me missing the Friday deadline for this series of posts? I mean, for Pete's sake (who is this Pete?), I make the deadline for myself.

This is just funny and you can't tell me it's not. This is on the bathroom door at a (obviously) gay bar in the East Village called Eastern Bloc. My friend KS finally took this picture for me. Aside from the 70s porn playing on televisions above the bar and go-go dancers in white socks, this is the best feature of the place.


Thursday, June 9, 2011


Am I alone on this or is Kate Middleton, ahem, Princess Catherine or Duchess of Cambridge, like the classiest broad around these days? I'm on the Kate train, I must say. Her style is so crisp and put-together but at the same time young and sexy. She seems normal and grounded with an aire of confidence and poise that reminds me of Grace Kelly (for real, though- people throw her name around). Just very lady-like and classy. (so many adjectives)

Here is Mrs. Pretty at the ARK 10th Anniversary gala at Perk's Field in London wearing a sandy metallic Jenny Packham gown and L.K. Bennet shoes. Good news: we wear the same size. Score.

yours (not really),

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Look at this pod thingy.

Now, I'm not a botanist or whatever but this.. we'll call it a 'pod' is very unusual. I found it on the sidewalk in Gainesville, Florida. I don't know what or where it came from but it's pretty badass. Look how it has three distinct parts: the top was furry with those curly things coming out, the middle is almost scaley, and the bottom is all velvety. All technical terminology. I decided to dissect it. Unfortunately, it didn't have seeds or anything like that in it like I'd hoped. Still, check it. Cool, huh?


I want Wednesday.

Oh. My. Goodness. (are the only three words needed to describe this little beaut)

I want, neigh, need this little Maltese/Chihuahua mix, or one like it of equal designer breeding, of course. I have not been able to commit to a pet, despite having wanted one for seven years now. (I think) I'm ready. (I think) I have room. (I know) I wanna squish it 'til it's little head pops off.

It will only be about five pounds which is kinda like a cat which I like, too but more cuddly like a dog, which I expect I'll require. Typical that I want a pet that's super expensive but if you really think about it it's only a one time payment for a lifetime (few years) of delightful memories. So they say.

good day,

Saturday, June 4, 2011


I'm officially my father. I just made the below smoothie. I added carrots and seriously considered the spinach and broccoli in the fridge. This is my dad's MO. Save me from myself.

He's on a "green smoothie" kick where he drinks smoothies made from things that end up looking a lot like baby poo. Mine, thank GOD, turned out a lovely shade of pink. Incidentally, I made this smoothie using the blender we had when I was growing up. My dad saved it all this time and recently gave it to me with some new parts, which is muy cute. Smoothies are a good way to trick myself into eating fruit and especially yogurt. Fruit I like, but forget to eat sometimes (I know) and yogurt I do not like but know I should eat it cuz it's good for me. I do that a lot, trick myself. Another example being that I always choose to live on the top floor in a walkup, to obviously trick myself into exercising. That is neither here nor there. Check out the recipe.

-1/3 (~5 oz) of a Naked juice.. another way to cheat. I used Protein Zone Double Berry this time. Usually I use orange juice.
-4 frozen strawberries
-small handful of frozen raspberries
-4 frozen baby carrots (don't go crazy on the carrots)
-1/2 C of fat-free Greek yogurt
-2 T honey
-I just love to blend.

I'm kidding. I love being like my dad and if that means making #2-colored smoothies and drinking them in lieu of food for the balance of my life, then so be it. But let's hope it doesn't come to that.


Keep NY Weird.

I was supposed to post this yesterday. Oops.. I'll work on being better at keeping a schedule. One must have goals.

The second installment of "Keep NY Weird." This is a weird little drawing in the 23rd street station of the 6 in New York City. I can't remember which direction, but I imagine downtown.

take care,

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Demetri Martin.

Break-up line: "Hey, Baby. Are you being followed? Cuz I've been seeing people behind your back."

Demetri Martin is really funny. He does comedy that involves clever observation, sketches, and songs. He's really talented and smart. The guy went to Yale and NYU. He just came out with This is a Book. First two seasons of his show and the standup are on Netflix Instant.

hasta pronto,

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

I want Wednesday.

Every Wednesday from now on I'll post some stuff I want. Cuz obviously you should know about it. Now these will generally be items that aren't gonna happen and that I will spend a lot of time lusting after until I'm sad and reluctantly am forced to give up. Frankly, it's going to be hard to confine this to just Wednesdays.. maybe I'll make it "I want Wednesday through Tuesday" (see what I did there?)

Anyway, check out these flats. Oh, my. I really love just about every color but the one that is muy especial is purple. I would wear them the whole summer. I may need a couple pairs. (FRYE Emma Woven Ballet Flat, $178)

Secondly, I want this Fuji instant camera. I actually need it because it is the 'new Polaroid,' I say. I have a Polaroid One but you can't buy film for it anymore, so sadly, I must move on and this is a modern day replacement. Plus, I love the retro-y look and like the fact that it has a self timer and produces 2.13" x 3.4" prints. Freakin cute. (Fujifilm Instax Mini 50S Instant Film Camera in piano black, $110)