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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

These things are delish.

1) ZenSoy makes, hands down, the best chocolate soy milk. As a regular soy milk drinker I really get screwed on the chocolate option. Of course one can rarely find this brand and this time (at the illustrious Whole Foods) only the small size was available.

2) I'm a big supporter of Newman's Own and this chocolate does not disappoint. Dark chocolate is my fave and I personally think the ideal percentage is between 54% and 65%. The addition of espresso "nibs" (what a gross word) in this bar is yum. I also very much enjoy their pineapple salsa.

3) Luna bars are a staple in my diet and this is a new flavor. Being of coconut and me liking anything with coconut in it, I'm loving it! Again, I can never find it but I hit the jackpot at WF today. Thank heaven.

4) Fruit leather is a healthy little snack you should check out. I do think that all of the flavors kinda taste the same though.


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