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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Thought Catalog.

If you aren't already in the know on Thought Catalog then get on it. It's a digital magazine out of New York City that has provacative (in both senses) articles that, if not hilarious, are compelling nine times out of ten. Follow them on Twitter: @ThoughtCatalog. Here's the copy from their "About" page:
Why Read Thought Catalog?
1. Thought Catalog is illuminating and informative.
2. The site is well-designed and clutter-free.
3. TC contributors are smart. They’re at the vanguard of their respective fields and have published everywhere from The Paris Review to Maxim.
4. We’re nobrow and nonpartisan. We don’t take any of this or ourselves too seriously. Culture is our politics.
5. Reading Thought Catalog will probably make you more interesting. You’re going to find out about stuff here you won’t see in the mainstream media. Thought Catalog will open new perspectives.
6. We’re avant-now. But our mission is also archival. We plan on sticking around for a longtime.
7. Our content is always vetted and (most of the time) edited.
8. We’re generous. We’re positive. We’re friendly. We prefer to focus on the good than the bad. We’re more celebratory than critical.
9. Important conversations happen here.
10. In a small way, you’re supporting the future of journalism.



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