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Monday, June 20, 2011

Movie Monday.

I have a love for old films (and films in general) and their stars. Sometimes they are a little ridiculous if you don't consider them in context but that's part of the fun. They're simpler and sillier. The style back then (between 1940-1960ish) was more glam and if you think we take style seriously these days, you should check out the pains these women so obviously went through to have like a 15-inch waste and hair that doesn't move. Ever. And the men! So dapper always. God I love TCM (that's Turner Classic Movies for you ignoramuses out there). TCM is a wonderful thing in my life that has exposed me to many stars and films I otherwise would have never been aware of. Netflix also makes so many old films accessible. They don't make 'em like that anymore.

Today its Lana Turner. Look how beautiful this woman was! Lana had an interesting life and was a fantastic actress. I just watched Marriage is a Private Affair (1944). It was scandalous. Basically she played a hot chick who gets married but still chases men.. At the worst, you get to look at her.


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