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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Kings of Leon.

I was introduced to Kings of Leon around 2005 and I've been a fan ever since. Honestly, they don't have a bad album. That said, I've had this new one, "Come Around Sundown", for a while but hadn't listened to it. I thought, "there's no way they can have another good one." So, for fear of disappointment, I scrolled passed it on my iPod for months. This past week I allowed myself to delve into it and let me tell you, I was quite short of disappointed. What the f?! They did it again! It's really good. I like how they evolve with each new release while remaining unmistakably Kings of Leon. You should check it out for sure. Also, I haven't seen them live myself but pretty much everyone I know has and they say it's the best live show ever. FYI. Not bad to look at, either.

Favorite songs (although I truly like them all.. but if I had to choose): No Money, The Face, Pyro.


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