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Saturday, June 4, 2011


I'm officially my father. I just made the below smoothie. I added carrots and seriously considered the spinach and broccoli in the fridge. This is my dad's MO. Save me from myself.

He's on a "green smoothie" kick where he drinks smoothies made from things that end up looking a lot like baby poo. Mine, thank GOD, turned out a lovely shade of pink. Incidentally, I made this smoothie using the blender we had when I was growing up. My dad saved it all this time and recently gave it to me with some new parts, which is muy cute. Smoothies are a good way to trick myself into eating fruit and especially yogurt. Fruit I like, but forget to eat sometimes (I know) and yogurt I do not like but know I should eat it cuz it's good for me. I do that a lot, trick myself. Another example being that I always choose to live on the top floor in a walkup, to obviously trick myself into exercising. That is neither here nor there. Check out the recipe.

-1/3 (~5 oz) of a Naked juice.. another way to cheat. I used Protein Zone Double Berry this time. Usually I use orange juice.
-4 frozen strawberries
-small handful of frozen raspberries
-4 frozen baby carrots (don't go crazy on the carrots)
-1/2 C of fat-free Greek yogurt
-2 T honey
-I just love to blend.

I'm kidding. I love being like my dad and if that means making #2-colored smoothies and drinking them in lieu of food for the balance of my life, then so be it. But let's hope it doesn't come to that.


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