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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Happy Father's day.

I call my dad "Daddy" and you can expect me to do that until I check out. I hate it when people say "I'm SUCH a Daddy's girl" so I guess that means I hate myself because that's what I say (but not in mixed company).

My dad has three daughters, poor bastard. Each of us different, each of us difficult (rarely). Despite being overrun by estrogen at times, he remains an emotionally involved role model, father and friend. He cooks me delicious food and has always played an equal parental role with my mom. He validates me daily (thank. Goodness.). He loves me endlessly (this has been tested so I know it's true). He has seen my ugliest and still wants to be around me (and I mean ugly. I am SUCH a jerk sometimes). To this day my mother says she would choose him again to be the father of her children, isn't that nice?

I hope one day I can do something that makes me worthy of all he's done for me. I might need to become the president or something, though. Don't hold your breath, Daddy. I love you. Happy Fantastic, Wonderful Man Day (aka: Father's Day). I think you're a freakin angel.

I love you always forever (not you! I don't even know you!),

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