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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Halloween fun.

My birthday is around Halloween so growing up I really like that holiday the most. Birthday parties were more often than not Halloween-themed. It was (IS) awesome. Still into it. That's RIGHT! Would I turn my nose up at purple swirled Publix cupcakes with black cats on them circa '93 (standing in my driveway before school for a photo sesh wearing my new birthday coolots and sporting bangs that started halfway back my head)? NO.

Never fear, this tradition will continue into year 26. Oh my god, I am getting old. Now I'm going to have to drown my sorrows in sweet tea and candy corn. This year I'm going to have some girlfriends over for some light costumes, fare, and cocktails (mostly cocktails). Do I intend to include witch's brew? Why, yes, I do. Always have. Will I dress up as probably a cat or witch? Yes, but I haven't decided which (witch! ha). Will I play Hocus Pocus and Romeo & Juliet with Leo and Claire in the background all night? Yes. Hell yes I will.

As the adult woman that I am, I've made a project of finding some cute ways to participate in a costume party without getting carried away (and having an anxiety attack from all of the people staring at me while I'm at it).

This fantastical hand painted leather mask..
..paired with these fingerless paw gloves would make a sweet fox costume. 

This scraggly witch hat..
..and these striped tights would make a nice witch. I don't know why I always think witches must wear striped hosiery. I might use a vaccuum as my transportation √† la Mary Sanderson.
That's all for now!


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  1. Miss you JT your cat is adorable.....I like the foxy gloves and I also believe that witches must wear stripey tights, doesn't everyone know this as fact. Also for the record NO ONE could rock some coolots and half head bangs like you could beautiful! Enjoy your birthday! XOXO