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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Two sweet-ass things to check out.

Ever read T Magazine? Well, you should. It's pretty sweet. It is a virtual magazine by NY Times and is divided into seven sections: Women's Fashion, Men's Fashion, Design, Travel, Food, Culture, and Video. Here are my two favorite regular features in the Women's Fashion section..

This is a cool photo feature that that exhibits a model's face before and after make up. Kinda pisses you off a little though, because they all look good before, too. Sometimes better. Anyway, you can drag the line back and forth and see any portion of before and after. Badass.

There is a shoe right off the runway. I'm not really clear if this is a regular feature or just a regular feature during fashion weeks. Either way, I like it. I hope the former. They sort through all of the fashion shows and pick the most.. stand out shoe of the day. They are usually an awesomely beautiful pair of footwear. This one ain't my favorite, I'll be real with you. But usually, really cool. I'll probably get sued by T Magazine after I post this..

i miss my blog,

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