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Saturday, October 8, 2011

Birthday Wishlist.

Yes, I'm doing this. With the big 2-6 rapidly approaching (wah), I find myself wanting to go to one of two extremes: childhood or a more sophisticated version of the big girl I am. This sucks so I'm just gonna start talking about things the birthday girl wants.*

I want some pricey dishware. It's by no means within my means. If you know me (you don't) you know I like color. I'm the kind of person who doesn't really worry about coordinating her possessions in any way but more trusts that it will "work" together. Everything is colorful. EVERYthing has a pattern. EveryTHING is a standout item. But, in the effort to step it up in the "more sophisticated version of  the big girl I am" category, I am going white. Whaaa, white? What's happening? That's right: white. I don't know if it's the passing of our leader, Mr. Steve Jobs, or the desire for maybe something to look slightly less random.. but I want white dishware. My mother has a combination of these dishes in warm tones. Very home-y. Very high quality.

I like it because the color is white but the shapes are relaxed and the glaze is less around the rims so you can see through to the terracotta underneath. I think food would look beautiful on them. Look, I don't want to be greedy so let's start with four each of dinner plates, salad plates, cereal bowls, and condiment bowls. 

This fabulous ring and my philosophy on life.

I've had a hankering for jade, bug motifs, and brooches. All in one

This Lulu Frost for JCrew bangle is retro and chic. It goes with everything!

These shoes haven't left my wishlist. I need them.

Last but certainly not least.

*subject to personal interpretation or if you see something awesome that you know I'd totally want..


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