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Monday, September 19, 2011

Movie: The Lion King.

Let's all give a 'what up!' to Disney's The Lion King. Lemme give you a little history here: The Lion King was originally released in 1994 when I was nine. Saturday night as part of my dear friend Kirstie Lu's 26th birthday celebration (Happy Birthday!) we saw this wonderful film in the theater again, 17 years later, but this time we did it big in 3D! Now I've given you the components of the equation so you figure that shit out. Let's just say it was a while back and it was a trip down memory lane, to say the least. Unlike everyone else in the audience, Kirstie Lu and I held back quoting the entire movie and singing along to the songs that we could easily sing on queue, a cappella, at any moment of any day. Either way, we had fun, what with all the wildebeests and lionesses flying at our face in the third dimension! We didn't have that business the first time around when I was a shy young girl of nine.

Now that I'm a shy young girl of ALMOST 26, I want to make a declarative statement here and if you're not comfortable with it you can throw it right back (I'll then likely return it until you accept it as fact): The Lion King is the most powerful Disney film of all time. I'm not saying it's my favorite, let's not get crazy, but it's the most powerful by far. It's about duty, honor, love, mortality (or whatever the animal version of that is), family and how all of those things overlap. It's about leadership. Damn. Aristocats doesn't have that shit. Deep stuff as illustrated by warthogs, lions, meerkats, hyenas and the rest of our friends from the Pride Land.

The real point of this post is to encourage you to go see The Lion King 3D in its limited two-week run in theaters. It's awesome. It's nostalgic. It's Disney. Do it.


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