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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Ah, motherhood.

Yes, this is probably going to turn into a kitty blog so get out while you can.
Milo in his spot.

My Milo Sun is just a little angel. Save for the scratching, waking me up at 5am and infatuation with my hair, we're having the greatest time together. He likes to sleep on me and give me love. He's so affectionate and gentle. Just the kind of cat I needed :) Instant happiness. Things are looking up.

I've also been making dreamcatchers, for whatever reason. On a couple things lately I was inspired by Kirsty Lu (dreamcatchers, wreaths, galleries). She is so artistic and proactive with her creativity that it motivates/inspires me to do the same. That's a good kind of person to hang around.

I helped her do an epic gallery wall above her bed and decided I need to do it, too. I've never been quite happy with my bedroom and I think this really made it a lot better.  It just makes the bedroom look grand and puts the focus on the main ingredient in the room: the bed. It also ties the varying components together.

I've also been painting more and more which I love. Currently, I've got a million ideas in my head for paintings and I can't paint them fast enough. Over the weekend I purchased a hell of a lot of canvas so I'll be busy for a while.

have a great week!,


  1. I love this. Everything about it.
    How did you get your blog to look so cool? I"m struggling. How did you get your title to look like that? <3

  2. Thank you! Been working on it a long time. I did my banner in Photoshop with photos I'd taken. We need to video chat or something soon!