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Sunday, September 4, 2011

Milo Sun!

 Meet Milo Sun. He is my new sun. (Milo from Milo and Otis and he is my son, my sunshine) Two days ago this little parcel of buff and cream geometrics came into my life like a ray of sunshine. My new kitty is just a little baby sweetie angel. It's been a whirlwind of emotions, I'll tell ya. I have waited and waited oh-so-patiently and I just knew. I knew it was my time. My time, dammit! My time to take on a project that I can't afford and don't understand! I am a grown lady and now I'm ready to become a grown cat lady. Jumping right in the deep end on this one.

 Mother-sun portrait, I.
 My brown eyes met their golden complement in his sweet face.. Truly, I held another kitty while my true kitty counterpart slept, simply careless and ignoring me. I love a man who pays me no attention. Home he came and I've been happy ever since. Just delightful little surprises here and there but for the most part he is snuggly and lovey and spookative and energetic and sleepy and still very much a kitten. I'll be honest, the litter thing is not ideal. However, after weighing the options for seven (yes, seven) years since I left home, I feel the pros outweigh the cons at this point. 

Now I just concentrate on whether he'll be a victim of infant death syndrome if I rollover on him in my sleep or if the slight whistle in his nose is pneumonia just waiting to pop up and screw up my life and bank account. I'm really worried about that nose whistle. What if he's not okay?! My mom said the rolling over on him death scenario is impossible but I'm not so sure, Mom. You underestimate the depth of his languor. 

Good news is this extemporaneous change in lifestyle will probably lead to me being content enough with Milo to not try for anything else. So I guess we're at a plateau here. This is it. Milo Sun is enough. Could be a relief. Seriously though, I love him. LOVE HIM. I. CAN'T. STOP.
The whole world shifts when you have something/someone to give your love to.


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