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Thursday, September 15, 2011

I want Wednesday (Friday edition).

Gosh. I really just love all the new Kors by Michael Kors shoes. To be honest, I interned at MK so I already saw them last year but now I'm being reminded of how many pairs I want! Oh, no. With retro subtleties (from different eras) a la Veronica Lake peep-toes in suedes and a pair of Mary Janes.. Not to mention, they did a new spin on my favorite (and most comfortable) pair of flats of all time, the Olympia. They worked them in a nude snake skin! Heyooo! Not only have I found the pair of nude flats I've been searching for, but in such an excellent style and snake skin to boot? How lucky can one gal be? Dig. So anyway, here are my top 3 faves. Check it.

Kors by Michael Kors Vivian

Kors by Michael Kors Iona
Kors by Michael Kors Olympia


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