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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Winter Park Farmers' Market.

I've lived in Orlando for almost six months and stupidly (and lazily) have not visited the Winter Park Farmers' Market. At last I went yesterday and was pleasantly surprised. I returned with a bevy of wonderful foodstuffs and some special treasures, too. I indulged in an on-the-go breakfast of a warm raspberry/cream cheese croissant and fresh squeezed lemonade. From now on I will be going each Saturday because it's silly not to. I left with a big smile in my heart and probably on my face, though I couldn't tell you for sure because I didn't have a mirror.

Presently I am having a tawdry love affair with two of the treasures I got yesterday. 1) Bleu Cheese from Winter Park Dairy (Florida's first raw milk cheesemaker) and 2) Peach Lavender Jam from Sunchowder's Emporia. Whoa, now. This is some good shit. I should probably have someone watch over me or call to check in periodically to monitor my addiction. I am eating this stuff like it's my business, and they don't exactly go well together by the way, as you might imagine.. These two items are particularly notable because if you know me, and I doubt you do, I'm not a big jam or bleu person. In fact, I never eat either. But I felt like being naughty and experimental (or maybe it was the scorching sun that affected my judgment) so I was compelled to taste-test everything. Now I'm into it in a BIG way. Just wanted to let you know. You can visit the dairy and buy the jams online. Today I'll be listening to Edith Piaf and painting (and eating peach jam and Bleu cheese, eu). How wonderful. See ya.

au revoir,

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