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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

I want Wednesday.

Ok, whoa. I want this skirt suit from JCrew. Here is the skirt and here is the jacket. Look how pretty it is! It is very profesh and utterly classic with a hint of retro, never to go out of style. And I love the 'heather elm' color and the pleating in the back. Very ladylike.
I'd like to pair the above lovely suit with these shoes. This pump from MMK called Benton is just a nice pair to have in your closet. They'd go with tons of stuff and are great for work. I like the coral-y red lipstick like in the picture to complete the look.

Additionally, I really want this dishware from Fishs Eddy collaborated on by Charley Harper and Todd Oldham. Mr. Harper is a really awesome animator who primarily does animals and Mr. Oldham is a designer of all trades who's been around for quite a while.  They both have awesome styles. I am using a transitional set of dishware currently so I keep looking out for the perfect set that is really me. I am not sure if I can commit to this body, mind and soul yet, but I'd sure like to have it in the rotation!

have a nice week!,

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