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Thursday, August 11, 2011


You guys. I love my iPhone and I know I'm not alone on that but what I see too much of is people using cheap, shitty cases to "protect" their costly Apple expenditure. Whyyy? I have found that InCase makes the very best (and prettiest) Apple protective products. The catch, actually there are three: 1) one can never find the best of their product line anywhere but their damn website, 2) the products themselves are a little pricey, 3) they like to piss me off by charging too much shipping. (Websites that charge astronomical shipping amounts irritate the shit out of me because you know it doesn't cost them that much. If they must be that greedy with their profit margin, their rep would be much better if they tacked that amount onto the unit price and gave free shipping. It's a PR thing, you idiots.) HOWEVER, I will tell you that in spite of the three previously mentioned cons, the pros still are in the lead in that the products are just far superior to anything else on the market- I'm not even going to say "in my opinion."

My newest iPhone case (my fourth), and I do own their products for my Macbook as well, is the Incase Crystal Slider case in silver. It's so glittery! I love it. It's beautiful in purple, too. The last case I bought was in November therefore it lasted me nine months. Even after that period of time my gold bar case (that's what it looks like) still looks cute, the pink from underneath just started to show through. I'll keep it as a backup. If we do a little calculation here, this case cost me $45.89 after tax and shipping (I know) and it lasted nine months, that's ~$5/ month. That ain't bad, ya'll. You're protecting a several hundred dollar investment after all. And I swear, I drop that bitch all the time and no broken iPhone yet, baby. Worth it. See? (Ooo, I just realized this is kind of boring.)

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