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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Going to sister's.

I've spent a couple weekends at my sister's house in the last month and had tons of fun. She's pretty, nice, wickedly funny, she makes me food, AND she has two kitties. No bad side that I can see. Here are those days as described in pictures. No judgement allowed on the number of cat pictures (or wine pictures, for that matter). 
She is loyal to eggs from the farmer's market only.

She makes one hell of a fried egg.

Breakfast every morning.

Snacks she made me.

His name is Javier and he loves to sleep on my head. Also a big fan of spooning.

We love a good Sauv Blanc.

Oliver. Rare daytime sighting. 


We make cookies.

Grown up coloring time.

Night night.

I want to spend all of my weekends with little sister. No one likes to do the things I like to do more than my sisters. I was blessed with two and they are the best gals I know. How lucky am I?


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