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Saturday, August 6, 2011


Things I do on a Saturday:

1. Why are you reading this? You know I do the same thing on a Saturday as I do any other day of the week. I'm unemployed, you idiot.
2. But still, it is the freakin' weekend. 
3. Drink bubbly. HELL yah.
4. Sit on my couch and watch Netflix instant.
5. Move from my couch to my kitchen (a whole 5 feet away) for necessary snackage.
6. Call my mom a lot.
7. Call my sisters/ text my sisters a lot.
8. Tweet WAY too much. 
9. Instagram WAY too much.
10. Take a nap on said couch because I'm tired from all the snacking. 
11. Wake up all groggy and muster the energy to make a run to Walgreen's for candy.
12. Think about going on a walk or some kind of adventure.
13. Not go on any adventures. Sounds stressful.
14. Consider vacuuming.
15. Do not vacuum.
16. Make a to-do list.
17. Do nothing on previously mentioned list. 

happy Saturday,

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