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Monday, August 22, 2011

Movie: Paris Blues.

"I don't feel average when I'm with you, I feel very, very special."

Paris Blues (1961) is a sort of dark, deep and steamy movie. Those descriptors sound a little odd together, but they're accurate. I've seen it before but caught it again on TCM the other day. Paul Newman is my man, I have no qualms about exposing that. He's hot and he needs to reincarnate and come back to marry me. Weird? Sorry but it's about time I expressed that.

Two women are vacationing in Paris and they happen upon two good looking jazz musicians. One couple is white, one is black. It deals with sex, race, jazz, drugs, love, resistance and Paris. I seem to like movies set in Paris; they are romantic, I guess, but in a sincere way. Paris is believable and the chemistry between Paul and Joanne Woodward is genuine because they were in love in real life. Sydney Poitier is always a nice addition and I love jazz.. so the sum is something very lovely to watch. But I don't know where you're gonna do that because it's not on Netflix but you could buy it here. It's worth it. Anything with Paul is. Duh.

P.S.- Woodward's wardrobe (tongue-twister) deserves a mention. This gorgeous undergarment is so pretty, I wish you could see the diving back. And the rest is just very elegant and perfect for a Parisian vacay.


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