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Sunday, August 14, 2011

I don't miss you.

Disclaimer: Don't read this if you're not caught up on LOST (where the hell have you been?), Dexter or Entourage.

Here is a light critique of some terrible actresses/TV characters I'm happy got written off and one actor/character I wish would. I hated looking for visual aids to go along with the text and I passive-aggressively made the pictures as small as I could, just so you know. I'm uncertain if it's the actors or the characters I despise more. Who cares? I don't miss them.
I'm glad you're gone:
Shannon (Maggie Grace) from LOST (remember Boone?). After you've seen the photo above I shouldn't have to tell you why I'm glad she's gone. Idiot. I love LOST but they really missed the mark on this one. Thank goodness she got written off early. She was so dramatic and not in a believable way. Always whining and being pathetic. How do people like her get jobs? Awful. Was that her best? It wasn't very good. All I have to say is, Sayid, you're better off so stop crying about it. You really love that other chick anyway.
Rita (Julie Benz) from Dexter. Her character is so freakin' dense and Benz is a terrible actress. Or maybe she just plays this part terribly, but I suspect that's being generous. Don't tell me if her stupid ass comes back in season 5 because I have to wait until Tuesday to get the discs from Netflix to find out. God, I hope not. Sure I'm worried about Dexter's future, but I actually squealed out of delight when he found her in the bathtub. Sorry :-/
Ashley (Alexis Dziena) from season 6 of Entourage. She was the chick who was doing Eric. In Broken Flowers she was the crazy naked daughter (aptly named Lolita). Oh. My. Gosh. She is unbearable. Her mouth alone kills me. She is a horrible actress, all fluffy and bouncing around like a moron. It's like she's on pills all the time. I swear I could step on set and blow her performance out of the water. I'm not saying I'm a great actress because nothing could be further from the truth or my aspirations. The point I'm trying to hammer into your head is that she's God awful. Maybe I'm mean but I don't give a shit. She's so annoying and I can't believe Eric didn't realize she was a psycho from the get go. Not worth the lay, dude. What a dumb ass.
I wish you were gone:
Peter Campbell (Vincent Kartheiser) from Mad Men. Why is he still on the show? Please move off of Manhattan or get shit-canned or something! He's so irritating. Maybe Kartheiser is accomplishing what he's supposed to as an actor but I don't care. Don, you know he knows too much. Fire him or better yet, kill him! You know it's the path you're on. Roger would probably help or at least cover for you now that you're kinda friends again! I'd tune into that episode. Peter's smug little mannerisms and nasally voice are enough to make me scream every time he's in a scene. His treatment of Peggy is so selfish and don't get me started on his wife, Trudy. They deserve each other. I don't need to mention her though, because if he goes, she goes. She's dumb enough to follow him to the ends of the earth. What a catch.

Thus concludes my light critique. These are things you should know. Anyone in the right mind would agree with me. I'll chill out with the negativity now. Next I'll tell you about characters I actually do like. But that's another day.


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