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Friday, May 27, 2011

Furniture makeover.

This dresser is one I've had for about ten years, give or take. Originally it had a rustic design with wrought iron hardware and simply sealed pine finish. It was ugly. I removed the hardware, filling in the holes with wood cement and sanded off the finish. I drilled new holes for my new purple glass hardware and painted it silver and sky blue.

That worked for a while.
Now in my new place it wasn't quite working. Inspired by an OPI nail polish shade, Ski Teal We Drop, I set out to paint the face of the drawers and the top a sort of a peacock blue. Also, my dear friend Shelly ( painted the closet doors in her Cobble Hill apartment a similar color and I thought they were lovely lovely lovely. So here's the Second makeover of this dresser. I used Olympic brand paint from Lowe's, Jamaican Dream, in a flat finish. I spent $8.44 total to gain use of this piece for at least one more year. The result is muy bonita, if I do say so myself.

yours truly

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