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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Red lipstick.

Ok. I will go OFF about red lipstick, or lipstick in general. Having realized I was woman enough to rock lipstick of any hue, I've found I automatically feel prettier wearing lipstick. Funny thing is, when I do wear lipstick I wear little else on the rest of my face and I still feel pretty. Lots of black mascara, an evened out complexion and a subtle pop of color on the apples of your cheeks and, boom. Nicely groomed and defined eyebrows sure as hell don't hurt either, baby.
The shade above is MAC Ruby Woo matte lipstick combined with a limited edish, thus no longer sold, called "Red She Said." "Ruby Woo," a bright red matte, is a solid staple to have in your collection. 

Here is a link to an article with tips on wearing red lipstick. I agree on all but the one towards the bottom about lip liner: Real Simple, you have this wrong: You actually cannot wear a nude liner under red, I don't give a shit how close to your natural lip color it is. Your natural lip color doesn't mix with the red, you idiots. AND I don't agree that you simply must have matching liner and lipstick. I frequently wear my Red lipliner beneath my Vegas Volt lipstick (both by MAC). It looks super pretty you just have to be sure to blend up to the edge of your lips so as to not look like a Boriqua. Unless you're into that. This is also a nice article from Allure, plus one from Elle on shades every gal should own. 

Here are a couple beautyful ladies looking fabuloso in red.
I should note that, though I avoid using photos with this mug in it, it's really the only way to illustrate lipstick.. just so you know. Maquillaje is a great word.. also, just so you know. 

Some things to remember:
  • Red is powerful. 
  • Lipstick is a clever way to brighten up your face, if well executed. 
  • It is important to line and fill in your lips with the liner and layer the lipstick on top of that if you actually want the color to stay throughout the day.
    • reapply and blot. 
    • don't be afraid to take it all off mid-day and start over, sometimes you just need to do that. This shit isn't magic.
  • Do not wear nude liner under red, regardless of it's similarity to your natural lip color. 
  • You can mix colors of liner and lipstick, if not only to expand your color options. Just be sure to blend up to the edge of your lips- avoiding the Boriqua look (again, unless that's your end goal).
  • Lipstick is a big statement - keep the rest of your features in supporting roles so the lipstick can do its job.
    • lots of black mascara, sans shadow
    • an evened out complexion 
    • a subtle pop of color on the apples of your cheeks 
    • + nicely groomed/defined eyebrows. 
  • Maquillaje is the Spanish word for make up (lapiz de labios is lipstick).
  • Sorry about my face. 

see ya bitches, 

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