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Friday, January 13, 2012

Etsy find!

So I think I should tell you guys about this Etsy find that I found. You will like it. Pieces & Chloe is a very sweet company that fashions "dainty, modern, simple, wristwear"  I say sweet because it is just that. They are threaded bracelets; very delicate and feminine.

Di is very thoughtful in her work and presentation, going so far as to include a personal handwritten note discussing the jewelry she'd made for me. I like the fineness of her pieces and you can mix and match all the pretty styles and color offerings which are very tasteful and muted.  I picked six styles and six colors and asked Di Kim to use her creative judgment on the combinations :) The company has a neat story also.. 
"Pieces & Chloe is named after [my] two furry loves: Chloe, a Jack Russell Terrier, and Reeses, a red Doberman Pinscher named after the PB-&-chocolate candy. Inevitably, "Reeses" became "Pieces", and the rest is history. Each "piece" has been named after one of the many canines who have brought joy, laughter, and inspiration to [my] world." 

You should definitely check it out. 


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