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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Getting to know you.

When you are getting to know someone there are many methods by which to go about it. I was thinking recently that it is so intimate to share home videos or childhood photos with a new person in your life, whether they are of romantic or platonic interest. Showing someone photos/videos of your past is like trying to tell them who you are as a whole. There are things that can't be explained with words. Surely the above handsome little.. girl could not be explained with just words. It's risking the judgement or feeling safe enough with someone that you are comfortable revealing your whole self to them. Videos, particularly. "No, my face isn't crooked, it's just that my mom cut my bangs," or "yes, I've always had climber's legs." It's a relief to get to this step. Here I am, all of me, take it or leave it cuz it's all I've got.


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