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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Hey, guys.

I'm so much busier than you so I haven't been able to blog for your enjoyment. Just kidding. I'm neither busier than you nor able to blog for your enjoyment.

I've been Transitioning. Moving. Shaking. Painting. Stressing. Thinking. Working. Driving. Designing (my new place: it's both fun and frustrating). Eating (NOT healthy). Spending a LOT of time simply looking at Milo Sun (yes, he is getting better looking as the days go by). Staying off the computer a bit, to be honest. Sometimes I need a break from this bitch. It basically rules my life and since I have a problem with authority, I tend to rebel. But I'm back so everyone just CHILL.

The level of disorganization that I'm at right now is making me all spastic and I'm ready to flip. It affects everything!

NEXT: I want new lingerie for Summer. I'm gonna make that a thing. Pale hues and lace seem just about right.


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