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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

I want Wednesday: jade/seafoam/mint edish.

Ya know, there's no excuse for me to ever miss an "I want" post. All I'm ever talking about is shit I want.. need. My apologies. Personal lives appear to have a direct affect blog production. 

Today I am doing a mint-themed "I want." What is it about that lovely tint of green that is a jade/seafoam/mint combo? You know the one. I always love that hue. Here are some of my favorite things recently discovered while obsessively scouring the internet for truly important products that I neither need nor can I afford. This is goin great. Enjoy. 

I wasn't really buying into the whole "Maharaja slipper" trend (or whatever) until I came upon these little beauties, Martini Spike by Jeffrey Campbell. Dammit, Jeffrey, chill out with the sweet shoes. I can't keep up (nor can I guarantee I won't bust my ass almost immediately upon trying to walk in a pair of those massive McQueen-esque platforms.. more on that later).

I need to say little to introduce seafoam Japanese Washi tape with tiny white polka dots. A nice array of decorative Washi tapes is the adult version of a sticker collection.

I'm, whoa, way into colored skinny jeans. Since my obsession in general with skinny pants is really hangin in there, the addition of color is a nice change of pace (slight change). Especially those with a nice mid-rise, ya know, I like to keep that shit nice and conservative these days. While I really enjoy the J Brand fit better (more on that later), they do not have nearly as many colors as the Joe's Jeans version. Also, Joe's has like, six shades of green. The above picture is of Atlantic & Lily Pad, the two most jade/seafoam/mint-y ones. They have, holy cow, 55 colors total. Bonita :)

This 'here comes the sun' print is really nice. It's been inspiring me to paint things with green skies and tonal works in the variety of green, too. Can't get enough. 


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