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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The carryall clutch.

I'm going crazy for the non-descript, plain leather pouch clutches that seem to be a trend right now. I've purchased my first one: the American Apparel Leather Carry-all Pouch. After agonizing over the color and size, I went with carmel in medium and I instantly regretted not going Large. Rather than deal with AA's annoying online merch return policy, I'm keeping it (that's what they want!) as I suspect I'll want another anyway. I do like it a lot, though; very roomy and it's cool because there are SO many colors and you don't get to choose your zipper color- I ended up with navy. Pretty! AA has three sizes in the leather, plus metallic and suede versions.

I like this style because you can fold it over or just hold it as is. It's literally, a rectangular leather pouch with a zipper on one side. I think it's classy and I've seen some pretty cool versions of it, such as the below BEAUTYful metallic one from Gift Shop Brooklyn that has pockets inside. I also included a picture of the larger one she makes in bleach tie-dye. LOVE the juxtaposition of the sweet yet edgy top portion with a conservative, rustic leather base.


I truly think in my heart of hearts that if you are going to participate in this clutch trend, you need to own a plain black one. This one is much larger and perfect to fill that staple need. She has some very pretty colored suede ones, also.

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