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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Holy Hammacher.

Tucked between Lexington and Third Avenues on 57th Street in New York City is a very awesome funland called Hammacher Schlemmer. Now, when you say "Hammacher Schlemmer" I feel it's important you put your back into it, if you know what I mean. Say that with purpose (and a German accent if at all possible). It is a wonderful, all-inclusive retail environment where you'll find the best of everything and the coolest doo-dads. Things you totally need but had no idea.

present picks from HS:
"The Million Germ Eliminating Travel Toothbrush Sanitizer"
Every time you return to your newly cleaned hotel room and realize you left your toothbrush out. You will never really know what the maids did with it while you were out shopping. The horror.
This is for that.


"The Wind Defying Packable Umbrella"
Hands down the best umbrella ever; I need a second. When I moved to New York I was quickly impressed with the need for a sturdy umbrella or mine would constantly end up on the street corner every time it rained, with the other sad umbrella skeletons. I straight up used this thing as a shield at times and it withstood the challenge. Plus, it's pretty solid so when it's packed up I'm quite sure you could use it as a beating mechanism, so to speak.


"The Jeweler's Steam Cleaner"
My jewelry looks awful and ruddy because I can never figure out a permanent cleaning solution (so so sad). So I just want to cut to the chase on this deal. What I know works is a steamer, because I'd always prefer to have my stuff cleaned at an actual Jewelry store. Though I'm sure this will end in many steam burns, having access to a steamer at all times would be very convenient. I can't handle another disappointment in this department so I hope it's awesome.

You never know what you'll find at your neighborhood Hammacher Schlemmer. Actually there's only one location plus the online store. It's a bit of an institution, having been in business since 1848; basically you should go there or at least play on the website. It's fun.


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