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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Happy Holidays.

MAC eyeshadows: Humid & Sumptuous Olive
I'm not really in the Christmas spirit yet. Actually, the "Christmas spirit" is a humongoucliché. Who really gives a shit? I really only think it's nice because I get to be around my family.. which I do actually look forward to. Other than that I don't hate a good meal and I do like to sing the Mariah Carey Christmas album at the top of my lungs (I sound exactly like her). So basically I like the holidays but I'm not one for the anticipation.
top knot of friend
I went with uniform wrapping this year: brown craft wrapping paper, 3/4" glittery red ribbon and the occasional gold-striped Japanese washi tape detail. I think it's beautiful and simple. I just want to look at the mountain of presents forever. Pretty! I like to challenge myself sometimes when I wrap: i.e. wrap from a weird angle, combine scrap pieces of wrapping paper and put them together to wrap a single gift, using the same concept for ribbon, etc. And ya know how you buy Christmas cards every year and always have a few left over each time? What the hell are you supposed to do with a single holiday card on it's own? This year the VERY few people who are getting cards from me will be getting a mixed bag. No one really cares what they look like anyway, it's more a confirmation that someone considers you in their "I care" category.
If I understood CNN Español correctly yesterday, the average American spends 60% more than they can afford on Christmas shit. I think I spend less each year. I just wanna eat, man.
G-free pasta. pine nuts. olives. garlic. parm. espinacas. tomatoes.


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