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Monday, February 13, 2012

2012 Grammys.

I love Awards Season. Yes, I admit to flaking out completely on the SAGs, but I did thoroughly cover the Grammys. Don't you worry. Jumpin right in: though I do not understand her credibility in relation to fashion, I loved Kelly Osbourne's gorgeous purple-y hair with lofty layers and what I can only imagine are curls derivative of hot rollers, babay. It looked lovely + Katy Perry's pretty blue bouffant.

Best Dressed 1: Alicia Keys iAlexandre Vauthier

Bruno Mars, I'm not familiar with but I'm into his style. I'm not even sure if I feel the need to download any of his songs, but I do like that he's following through on his conceptual musical identity. He's really workin that doo-wop thing. I like his little old-fashioned, close-to-the-body dance moves. Keep it simple and classy. And I admire his hair. His looked similar to Alicia Keys.. whose voice I love, it's so velvety and beautiful. Combine that with an old personal fave of mine, Bonnie Raitt (look, Mom!) and then they're singing an Etta James jam. Mmmm.. Alicia's hair was all bouffant-y and I liked her form-fitting LBD to the knee with that heavy gold collar.

Best Dressed 2: Rihanna in Armani

So I'm thinkin.. RiRi, you're lookin hot and Breezy just threw down a pretty sweet show. Forgiveness is on the horizon. It happens. (and yah, girl, I dig the hair) Can I please say though: Rihhhhhanna (soft h, more like a whisper), at the age of 23, appears to have the sexual repertoire of a woman in the winter of her life after a long, busy career of stripping. How did she get there so fast? I suppose she does have a hot bod and cleverly located tattoos. Am I alone on this? Chris Brown, woman-beater he is, always gives a great performance. I love watching him dance. He's so good. What the f? Where did his feet go?!

Coldplay, stop doing duets with everyone and we're over the graffiti motif. We are no longer impressed by your side-performances from the piano. Stop making us resent you for squeezing so many records out your holes that your real hit-making talents have been overshadowed. Ughh. I do like to see one of my favorite new bands, Foster the People, getting some screen time and Bon Iver even took home a Grammy. Nice. Jennifer Hudson is so beautiful and she did justice to Whitney Houston's "I will always love you." Probably the only person alive that could do so.

Best Dressed 3: Adele in Armani
Adele said "snot" in her acceptance speech for Best Album of the Year, which she totally deserves. Her dress was fabulous, her make up was fabulous, her performance was REALLY fabulous, and she looked much more comfortable in her  skin, as she should. Girlfriend deserves a standing O- those people just got to share her incredible gift. How lucky.

Summary: A lot of BIG hair with BIG curls, parted way to the side. bouffants. colors. A lot of black dresses with gold hardware. A lot of low backs and bare midriffs. A lot of contouring, heavy eyes/bold, defined lips. It was the most entertaining Grammys I've seen in a long time.


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